Monday, August 29, 2011

Mindy Mylrea 360 Miracle Review: 30 Minute Lower Body

Today's Review: 360 Miracle, 30 Minute Lower Body Workout
Mindy Mylrea, 2011

This dvd contains two 30 minute lower body workouts- one advanced & one beginner. The w/o's are body weight only & contain a lot of good cardio. Both feature the same exercises but the beginner workout includes more instruction, backgrounder modifications, and Mindy offers level options for alternative intensities. The background is a super nice living room with a huge window looking out into the beautiful ocean. Mindy works out alone in the advanced and with 3 backgrounders of various fitness levels in the beginner. No equipment required.

This w/o is structured that you perform each of the 8 exercises at 70% intensity for 40 seconds, 60% for 30 seconds, and then 90% for 20 seconds. Each of these intensity "bursts" have a short rest period in between. Exercises include: side to side squats adding a hop, lunge dip to plyo lunge, side lunge add hop & floor touch, pliet hops add jump & heel clicks, Brazilian lunges, static knee pulls, & pendulums.

I rate the beginner dvd a true beginner w/o and the advanced workout is solid intermediate. The workouts are body weight only and I dont see how you could easily add weights to the moves as they all include cardio as well.  I like that this does include a lot of good cardio work mixed in with the lower body work-making it a very enjoyable workout. I really like Mindy and the progression of the exercises is nice. Great cuing and great for travel or small spaces. I received this dvd to review.


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! The pic of your DH is hilarious - the look on his face!

    I am really enjoying the Mindy reviews - this looks like a great set!

  2. Oh - and I forgot to say WTG on maintaining your post-challenge weight - that is awesome!