Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tracey Mallett The Booty Barre Plus Abs & Arms Review

Today's Review: The Booty Barre Plus Abs & Arms
Tracey Mallett, 2011 ***** (4.5 of 5 stars)

This is a well chartered 79 minute workout led by Tracey in an open studio with 4 b/g exercisers- one providing modifications. You will need light hand weights, a chair (or barre), and an optional playground ball for this workout. The sections include: Fusion Warmup, Killer Arms, Booty Barre & Abs, Core Challenge & Calming Stretch. The music is instrumental & I liked it.

Fusion Warmup: (7 min) This is a fast paced yoga + flowing movement section that really gets you ready for the work ahead. Exercises include: flowing squats w/ big arms, crescent pose, low pulsing pliets, pulsing chair, one legged chair etc. Great warmup.

Killer Arms: (14 min) You will use light (3-5 lb) weights for this section. Though the emphasis is on the upper body- you will also work the lower body and hit the core. Exercises include: overhead tri press, head taps, punches & torso twist punches in pliet, curtsy - side leg raise- with big arms, preacher curls w/ pliet pulses, windmill arms in pliet, wiper arms, one leg balancing tri press, & trip dip variations.

Booty Barre & Abs: (34 min) This barre inspired ballet-esque section really hits the lower body but the core is worked as well. This section is mostly standing & you will use your chair back for balance. Exercises include: closed heel pliet, wide toe pliets, wiper knees, elevator pliets, pelvic tuck, oblique tucks, 1 leg balance- side leg sweep, slow Mt. climbers, balance elbow to knee pulls, etc. The work is quick and she includes some exercises that do get the HR up.

Core Challenge & Calming Stretch: (23 min) This core & stretch section felt pilates inspired to me. You will need light weights for many of the moves. Exercises include: can can, c-curve roll down, toe drops, pilates bike, weighted lower ab crunch, swan dive rock, snake, roll over series, & scissors.

I would rate this a high intermediate/ low advanced workout. Tracey does a fantastic job of adding in lots of movement to raise the heartrate and she hits all the muscle groups with lots of unique exercises. Her cuing and form pointers/ reminders are fantastic. I really enjoyed the challenge that this dvd offered. Great unique barre
workout! I received this dvd to review.


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