Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whats in Your Gym Bag?

No Excuses! 

I was recently presented with the question of what was in my gym bag. Well I work out at home, so I dont actually have a gym bag but filling your gym bag is all about being prepared isnt it? You have to anticipate what youre going to need and have it all ready to go so you can just grab your bag & head on your way....

I am a morning exerciser- but I am NOT a morning person, so I prefer the transition from my bed to 'my gym' (aka the room down the hall) as easy as possible. So I do what I can to make that possible. I also HATE wasting time and being a non-morning person I sleep in until the last possible minute. My alarm goes off at 6:20 and I am pressing play on my dvd player at 6:30! Go me, right ;) Here is how I make that happen:

The night before I have everything I need ready to go:
  • I select the workout Im going to do
  • I have my dvd in the player and cued to the beginning of the warmup (past all those pesky credits & such)
  • I have my exercise clothes laid out & ready to go- including a small towel, shoes, socks, knee brace, hair band, shorts, and top.
  • I have whatever equipment I need laid out and ready to go (step bench, weights, rebounder, etc)
  • I have my water cup next to the fridge ready to be filled
Doing these things the night before only takes 5-10 minutes but probably saves me 20 because my half awake  brain just doesnt work that quickly and you know how we like to dilly dally- especially for those that arent exactly looking forward to their workout....And as Im sure the majority of us would rather stay in our comfy beds snuggling w/ DH or the cat ;) its easier to just jump right out of bed knowing that everything is ready to go. No excuses! 


  1. That is what I do too, now I AM a morning person but I know the benefits of being ready to go, especially if I'm going out the door to the YMCA (usually before 5am) - if I'm not all ready to go it isn't going to happen for me. Thanks for the reminder to all of us though!

  2. I love having my w/o done in the AM but I am still not a morning person LOL....

  3. I love working out at home. But I am soooooo not a morning person at all! I'm a mid-afternoon-early evening workout person.