Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NEW From The FIRM: Time Crunch Cardio Review

The FIRM: Time Crunch Cardio
Allie Del Rio, 2011 ***** (4.5 stars)

This dvd has three 20 min w/o's on it, a cardio, a C+S, and a strength workout w/ cardio bursts. Allie leads with 2 backgrounders, one showing beginner modifications. You will need dumbbells for this workout. I found the C+S and the S to be very unique new offerings from the Firm and I really liked them!!!!

Calorie Burning Cardio: This w/o contains 2 routines that are not overly choreographed. After a fairly long warmup exercises include step touch w/ a head snap, march & shuffle, step squats, pivot taps, & pivot kicks.. Allie def adds in some flair w/ exercises like the "spank" and the "tush push."

Cardio + Sculpt Combo: The pace of this w/o allows you to heavy up but keeps your heart rate up. After a warm up exercises include: hop- burpee- pushup combo, squats, rows, bi curl variations, row- kickbacks, pliet abduction, jump & side kick, around the world lunges, & standing knee pulls, and other standing core work for the cooldown.

Fat Blasting Bursts: This is a great light & heavy four-limb workout that keeps your heart pumping. Exercises include: lunge & overhead pass, cardio squats & jumps, cardio lunge to plyo lunges, side lunge w/ a cross bi-curl & delt raise, step touch to moguls, dip & overhead tricep, floor touch & knee ups, deadlift & rows, static pliets w/ elbow to knee cross pulls, ribcage twists adding a punch, and other standing core work for the cooldown.

I rate the cardio a beginner workout and the other 2 solid intermediates that are easy to modify by adjusting your poundage. I used heavier weights and really got a great workout. I really enjoyed both the strength workouts and felt they were new & fresh Firm offerings! I look forward to more like this! Allie does a great job leading, good cuing & form pointers. I received this dvd to review.

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