Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Michelle Dozois Peak 10 More Cardio Strength Review

Review: Peak 10 More Cardio Strength
Michelle Dozois, 2011 ***** (5 of 5 stars)

This is a 57 min chaptered nonstop cardio & strength interval workout. Michelle works you through basecamp, ascent, climb, and finally you max out in the peak phase. The basecamp & ascent are strength moves & the climb & max are cardio. You will need dumbbells for this workout. Michelle works out w/ 6 b/g exercisers and modifications are shown.

There is no warmup in this but the 10 first block doesnt contain peaks. 

Exercises include: dip-clean & press, side lunge & row, hi knees, double jogs, burpee gorilla crawls, side plank hip drops, pushups, tri pushups, plyo lunge & bi curl, 180 squat touch downs, shuffle & seal jacks, side lunge & diagonal raise, KB swing & hop, side plank thrusts, plank & 1 arm fly, curtsy diagonal raise, dive bomb pushups, fast side to side tuck jumps, plank donkey kicks, side knee tuck jumps, and a cooldown.

I rate this an advanced workout! I was dripping with sweat by the end. Michelle moves nonstop from exercise to exercise and most of the strength work got or kept my heart rate up. Lots of great functional core work and lots of combo moves. Love the workout & the format. Michelle is an excellent lead, great cuing & form pointers. I received this dvd to review. 

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