Friday, March 2, 2012

Nutrisystem Week One Update: 3.6 Pounds Down

As you know I started Nutrisystem this Sunday (Feb 26). I was very excited to get going but was a little nervous that I would get hungry. Hunger is my arch nemesis so I avoid it all costs! I am happy to report I have not had hunger issues at all!!! YAY. And I am so LOVING not having to cook! 

My loss from Sunday to Thursday is: 3.6 lbs

My order came with a handy tracking booklet that includes what snacks I can have and a daily log with spots to fill in to ensure I am eating the right stuff, drinking my water,and getting in my exercise. I am enjoying tracking everything and noting which meals I really enjoy & will def re-order. So on day one I had.

Morning: Nutrisystem Southern Style Biscuits & Gravy with a Nutrisystem Protein Shake (coffee flavor-yum!). Really liked the biscuits & gravy as well as the protein shake and stayed full until my AM snack. I had dry roasted almonds for my AM snack. I often make DH biscuits & gravy on Saturdays but I never get to indulge- well not this week! Woot- we both had biscuits & gravy and Ill tell you what, my Nutrisystem version looked just as good as his junky one :)

Afternoon: Meatball Parmesan Melt with a side salad & some fat free dressing (allowed on Nutrisystem). For my PM snack I had a nonfat Greek yogurt. I really enjoyed the meatball melt- seemed so sinful and normally would have been taboo but not the Nutrisystem version!

Evening I couldnt wait to try the Whole Wheat Ricotta Crepes. YUM- I didnt take a picture but I was surprised that they actually came out of the fresh steam bag looking very very much like this picture. Really enjoyed these too. Had some broccoli with dinner...and for Dessert: Finished off my day off with Nutrisystem Poundcake. I liked it but it isnt my fav of the desserts I have tried so far. 

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  1. So cool! Love that you've gotten this opportunity to try it. And CONGRATS on the weight loss :)

  2. thanks hon! The convenience factor alone is awesome!!!!