Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: COREGEOUS with Jill Miller

Today's Reivew: COREGEOUSJill Miller Workout, 2012
COREGEOUS, newly released by Jill Miller in April 2012, is the latest workout by creator of Yoga Tune Up. With a total running time of 105 minutes, the DVD includes seven transformational workouts. From the main menu you have the option of selecting either of the four main sequences - as well as the option to Play All - or one of the three specialty workouts. For the workout you will need a stability ball, Yoga Tune-Up Therapy Balls, Soft Sponge ball and Yoga Block - substitutions include tennis balls, large book or a blanket. An optional mat will be needed depending on your workout surface.

COREGEOUS with Jill Miller contains four complete fifteen to twenty minute workouts:
  • Core Re-Form provides a deep tissue massage to release knots and trigger points while activating connections to key respiratory muscles that support your spine and core.
  • Get COREganized establishes proper spinal alignment and breathing patterns by using all of your "Coreso" muscles to improve access to the innermost abs including transverse abdominals, diaphragm, iliopsoas, obliques, and more!
  • InCOREporate builds a strong lower back and revitalizes the muscles of the ribcage to stitch the seams of your torso together from top to bottom. Awaken quadratus lumborum, lattisimus dorsi, serratus anterior and more!
  • Get COREgeous challenges your balance and engages all of your core muscles to master stability, agility and fluidity while challenging your balance in different gravitational planes. The entire body works together as one seamless unit.
The three supplementary workouts range from five to ten minutes and include Tubular Core Activation, which establishes proper breath mechanics, while Abdominal Massage improves overall circulation and locates abdominal knots and adhesions that prevent functional core reactivity, and Abdominal Churning shows you the spellbinding possibilities of "coreso" mastery.

COREGEOUS is a great addition to any exercise DVD library. The poses in the workout are designed to help eliminate stress, block out outside "energy" and other barriers to allow for the free flow of energy throughout your body. Jill does a wonderful job of carefully demonstrating and explaining each exercise so you can easily follow along. She provides lots of great information on how to properly perform each exercise and tells us which muscle were targeting. She has a wonderful demeanor and was great to workout with.

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Today's Tip: Dont Forget Eccentric Exercises
We like to work the muscles we can see in the mirror (like our abs), but we can't ignore our backsides, especially the muscles around our spine, Olson says. For example, we tend to crunch, curl, and shorten our abs, but it's also important to try some eccentric movements to help balance out the strength of those muscles during "lengthening" movements. Read more on Shape.

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