Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series - Longevity

Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series Longevity Review and Details
Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series was created by fitness and martial arts expert Dasha Libin. Kettlebells continue to grow in popularity every year because they provide a quick and efficient two-for-one workout that burns major calories. Kettlebell training not only gives you strength training benefits but cardiovascular benefits as well. Martial Arts is one of the best ways to achieve overall fitness because it develops coordination, balance, power and strength. Kettlebell Kickboxing fuses the two disciplines giving you one of the best ways to train, reach your goals and achieve a peak level of fitness.  Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series is a full body system that increases ones strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning, all while simultaneously melting away unwanted body fat.
Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series – Longevity is a forty-four minute total body workout. Dasha Libin is joined by four background exercisers – one of which shows beginner modifications and one shows advanced options. For the workout you will need a kettlebell – no more than twenty pounds is recommended. A modifier is available to show the exercises using a dumbbell. An exerciser also performs the workout without shoes as this workout is suitable to no foot wear.
Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series – Longevity is a total body circuit workout that alternates between the disciplines of kettlebell training and kickboxing. Though each of the Kettlebell Kickboxing workouts offer a total body workout, Longevity places a greater emphasis on the lower body. The Longevity workout begins with an eight minute warmup to thoroughly wake up the lower body for the workout. Kettlebell Kickboxing – Longevity consists three circuits performed twice. Each circuit consists of a cycle of three kettlebell exercises and a plyometric cardio kickboxing exercise followed by a brief recovery break. The cycle is then repeated to complete the circuit. Each of the exercises are performed for one minute. In Longevity, Dasha introduces many unique exercises as well as placing her own spin on kettlebell exercises to target areas of the lower body more efficiently and effectively. Many of the exercises are performed on one side before repeating them on other side. Some exercises that you will see in this workout include Kettlebell Sumo Swing, Warrior Squats, Swing into high pull, etc. The cardio portion of the circuits include pure kickboxing exercises as well as athletic cardio to get the heart rate up. The cardio exercise in the second cycle of the circuit is kicked up a notch to boost calorie burn. The workout concludes with a much needed cooldown and stretch.
Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series – Longevity is a fun, efficient kettlebell and kickboxing fusion workout. The workout is adaptable to all fitness levels by following the appropriate modifier, adjusting weight selection or exercise intensity. Dasha is very upbeat and pleasant, gives form pointers, offers encouragement and thoroughly explains the benefits, effectiveness and target of each exercise. She does a great job coaching the background exercisers while still being an active participant in the workout.
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Disclaimer:  We were provided with a copy of Kettlebell Kickboxing to review. We received no other compensation and we were under no obligation to review it if we so chose. Nor were we under obligation to provide a positive review in return for the free workout. Retail value is $59.99.
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