Saturday, September 15, 2012

PLEASE READ: Jim's Life Changing Accident Campaign

Hi fitness friends! This is a post from one of our Win, Lose, or Blog team members. Please read & keep the Hodgson family in your thoughts.

Hey friends! Amy here!
 I'm here to share some information about a dear family from my church.
Last week, a man named Jim Hodgson was involved in a tragic work accident. On September 7th, 2012, at approximately 10AM MT, Jim slipped while working on a hopper train car and both legs were ran over by the train wheels.
This morning, Jim underwent surgery to have his left leg amputated. Surgeons are continually working to reconstruct his right leg.

Jim is one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. He is a wonderful father of 3 kids, a loving husband and before the accident, had been training for a marathon. Doctors have said his health, strength, and training have been a huge benefit to Jim. Jim and his family have kept an awesome attitude and don't plan to allow prosthetics to ruin his quality of life.

*Thumbs Up!*

Jim is currently in a hospital about an hour from his home, and may be there for the next 6 weeks. 
While Jim's accident falls under the umbrella of Workman's Compensation, which will cover medical expenses and a portion of his salary, his recovery could take years. A fund has been set up to help cover costs associated with travel to and from the hospital and modifications to his home to accommodate a wheelchair that he may be in for the next couple of years. This campaign is meant to help offset any unforeseen costs that may occur.

This is where you come in WLB friends, please spread the word about Jim and his family's need at this time. Any donation, big or small will help. This is a not a family that would just ask for handouts, but they are not too proud to admit when they are in need of help, and right now, they need help!

You can donate HERE.

If you would like to follow along Jim's journey to recovery, a facebook page has been set up HERE.
Thanks in advance guys!
-Amy J

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