Friday, September 14, 2012

REVIEW: Dream Body Workout by Fusion Fitness & Darby Brender

Introducing the Dream Body Workout from Darby Brender and Fusion Fitness! Keep reading for a full detailed review of this super fun, super effective, and super unique workout! Darby is ACE certified in group fitness and instructs live fusion classes in Kansas! We really enjoyed working hard with Darby in the workout and know you will too! You can see Darby's passion and energy shining through in this upbeat workout!

Review: Dream Body Workout by Fusion Fitness
Darby Brender, 2011 ***** (5 of 5 stars)

Darby leads this class of live students through a nonstop 67 minute workout! This is a super unique fusion workout that will work your muscles & spike your heartrate. You will need optional light weights (they use 2 #'s) and a stability ball for this workout. Darby provides modification options and a "bubble girl" will pop up to show proper form. 

Darby utilizes weights in most exercises. Exercises include: Mt. Climber up to warrior 3, one leg back flies, side lunge & hop, down dog kick series, donkey kick series, 1 arm tri dips, static pliet & pliet pulses w/ weighted arm work, football run w/ weighted punches, inner thigh helicopter series, weighted punch series, chair squats w/ static upper body hold, burpee -pushup- chair pose, elevator planks, and a stability ball leg series. 

This is an advanced workout; Darby wastes no time & all exercises are multitasking! The workout moves quickly but is not hectic at all. Darby provides constant motivation and excellent cuing. VERY unique, upbeat, fun, and effective! I literally have nothing else like this in my extensive dvd library. Very well rounded, hits all the muscles, and great cardio effect w/ little impact. I received this dvd to review. 

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