Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Everybody Fitness REVIEWS: Kickbox Challenge AND Total Body Conditioning

Review: Everybody Fitness Kickbox Challenge
with Dana Pieper, 2012
Dana leads this 65 minute kickboxing workout in a gym with a group of background exercisers. You will need a set of light dumbbells for this workout. Dana provides modifications for the exercises.
After a warmup & stretch Dana gives you a quick summary of punches and then moves into a slower paced weighted kickboxing segment. Then you move into a nonstop kickboxing routine: scissor jacks, knee hops, punches, kicks, knee pulls, shuffles, fast feet, speed bag, blocks, heel click jacks, & floor touches. Lots of low impact but high energy moves are interspersed with high impact exercises.
This is a hi intermediate workout that I felt in my upper back the next day! Nonstop cardio kickboxing, easy to follow fun routines, and an awesome live class energy make this an absolute favorite kickboxing dvd! Dana provides great cuing & form pointers and has such a great instruction style. I look forward to more workouts from her! I received this dvd to review.
Review: Everybody Fitness Total Body Conditioning
Dana Pieper, 2012
This is a nonstop 67 minute athletic cardio & sculpt workout. Dana leads this  in a gym w/ a group of background exercisers. You will need dumbbells, a stability ball, and tubing for this workout. Dana offers modification options.
After a warmup & stretch you move into a standing strength segment utilizing the stability ball- exercises include football run, jacks, 1/4 turn hops, & ball squats & dips. Dumbbell work is next: dips, squats, tri extension, pulse pliets w/ fast bi work, hop & shuffle, burpee- pushup-shuffle, renegade rows, crab kicks, & weighted V twists. A kickboxing segment follows (punches, kicks, shuffles, knee pulls) and then tubing work: fire walker, bi curls, football shuffle, plyo lunge, 180 hops. The workout concludes with floor core work & a stretch.
This is a hi intermediate/low advanced workout. Lots of variety and a hi fun factor. The work is faster paced so I used 8-10# weights.  Dana really keeps things moving along, no wasted time here! She is an excellent instructor and provides great cuing & form pointers. This is a great high energy with a real live class feel. I really like Dana and the upbeat energy this workout left me with. I received this dvd to review.
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