Thursday, October 11, 2012 Makes Green Living Easy: Pillowooly Reivew

If you are trying to get live greener, reduce waste, and reduce your carbon footprint you will be as thrilled as I am to learn about BuyGreen.Com! They have the largest selection of green products, offer excellent customer service, great products, and sustainable business practices- making them my go-to shop for everything green! From home decor, office supplies, cleaning products, baby & pet items, sports & leisure, paint, and more- they have you, your family, home & office covered for everything green living & beyond! I had the pleasure of reviewing their Pillowooly - an all natural wool pillow, keep reading for my full review & to learn more about this awesome company! is dedicated to developing a sustainable business in every aspect of their operations, from product shipment to office supplies, they are looking to reduce waste, conserve energy, and minimize use of resources.  Through these efforts, they minimize their carbon footprint as much as possible and on THEN they purchase carbon offsets to reach our goal of a zero waste footprint!! Now that is impressive!  They are approved by Co-Op America, give 1% of their sales back to environmental causes through One Percent for the Planet, and support various environmental and social causes closer to home. Seriously, why WOULDNT you support such an awesome company! 

Pillowooly is the product that I had the pleasure of reviewing  It is among their huge line of bath & bedroom items. Of course I LOVE that this pillow is filled with 100% new wooly bolus - doesnt get more natural than that. I also love that it is customizable- its cover has a zipper so you can take out as much wool as you need to make it the exact perfect fit for you! We all know how important a good nights sleep is to our overall health! And of course everything is natural wool and cotton.

Other fab benefits to the Pillowooly: 
The breath-ability of wool makes this pillow ideal for absorbing perspiration without feeling moist. It helps regulate your head and body temperature - I live in the desert so this really is a HUGE benefit! We also keep our home warmer to save power and money so I highly recommend this pillow to anyone looking for a way to cool down a bit, and of course anyone tha twant

Don't forget that the products you buy every day make a difference.  Eco-friendly products are healthier for you and better for the planet.  In addition, when a large group of consumers choose to "buy green", the market will respond with greater variety, more innovation and lower prices for green products and services. 

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