Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Green Living in the Kitchen with Eco-Foil Pans!

Keeping in line with my week of green living posts, I am moving into the kitchen! Looking for an easy way to green-up your kitchen? Look no further than Eco-Foil! They are a super fabulous, super green company that offers aluminum pans made from 100% recycled aluminum!!!! Not only that, but the pans totally rock! They work like a charm and I can feel good about using them! Keep reading to learn all about the pans and the company that is working hard to keep the world green!

Eco-Foil Pans offer the same great quality you'd expect from the #1 foilware brand — Handi-Foil! Eco-Foil pans, like Handi-Foil pans are made in the USA!!! The Handi-Foil Eco-Foil pans totally rock, why? Keep reading:
  • Pans and trays are made from 100% recycled aluminum
  • Lids are made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Still 100% American made
  • Still 100% recyclable after use
  • 100% trusted quality and strength

Did You Know that aluminum can be recycled over and over again, without ever losing its quality or compromising the key properties that make it so strong and versatile! Which is why  Eco-Foil pans are just as strong & heavy duty as non-recycled pans. You will not notice a difference in their quality, appearance, or strength. The difference is one that the environment will notice though! Next time you recycle those aluminum cans- remember Eco-Foil pans! And of course you can recycle them too! 

We all know Thanksgiving is right around the corner! For those of us that dont even own a turkey baking dish- Eco-Foil is the answer! Strong enough to hold that bird and we can feel good knowing that we are donig our part to help with the environment! Perfect to bring with you to the family turkey feast and not have to worry about lugging a pan back with you!

Another great use I have found for these pans is in my cake baking. I have been known to donate cakes to a good cause, an auction, or to birthday parties for friends kiddos that can not afford a cake. With Eco-Foil pans I can leave the cake in the pan and not have to worry about hunting down my dish later! Great for bbq's, picnics, and every get together! 

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