Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rave: Redd Remedies Crave Stop

The Belles are very excited to introduce you our latest find for natural and healthy supplements: Redd Remedies. Redd Remedies strives to create holistic, natural health and wellness solutions. Redd Remedies is committed to providing an effective selection of high quality, natural supplements. Redd Remedies’ products work quickly to deliver results and provide meaningful support for the entire body.
Redd Remedies is the culmination of years of work, research, and an uncompromising desire to offer the best products. In Redd Remedies formulas, you will find Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy, European herbals, vitamin and minerals and on and on. Redd Remedies is committed to providing safe, pure and effective products. Quality, purity and safety drive their manufacturing process from beginning to end. All of their raw materials are tested for identity, purity, and potency. Redd Remedies offers natural supplements that reduce cravings, increase energy, reduce stress, support healthy thyroid function, aid focus and concentration and much, much more.
The Belles have made no secret that we like to indulge our sweet tooth now and then. But when we decide to tighten up the reigns on our nutrition and focus on improving our eating habits, we both know the first thing that needs to go is the sweet indulgent treats. We were both happy to come across Redd Remedies Crave Stop.

We both know that munching on sugar-laden treats or reaching for a brownie or slice of cake when we are  down only makes us crave more sugar. The initial sugar rush may make us feel good but we both know that we will be crashing later. Eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates and sugar may quickly satisfy hunger, or give a rush of “feel-good” brain chemicals, but these results are short-lived and leave you wanting more. Crave-Stop is a blend of minerals and herbs that are designed to help manage sugar cravings and support a healthy appetite.
Crave Stop addresses sugar cravings by:

  • Supporting healthy sugar metabolism
  • Promoting a healthy appetite
  • Supporting healthy adrenal function*Supporting a healthy stress response

  • Key Ingredients in Crave Stop include:

  • Chromium and Vanadium promote the body’s healthy use of insulin.
  • Healthy Appetite Blend supports a healthy appetite and promotes a healthy stress response.
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