Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: SparkPeople Total Body Sculpting NEW from Acacia

Review: Sparkpeople: Total Body Sculpting
Nichole Nichols, 2012

This dvd contains three 20ish minute workouts, a separate warm up & cool down, and bonus features. Coach Nicole leads all three with two backgrounders performing various intensitites. You will need a chair (or barre) and dumbbells for the workouts. The workout is chaptered and contains premixes. All the workouts are progressive so you work up to more challenging version of each exercise.

Barre Body Blast: This is a standing ballet & cardio workout that finishes with a seated core routine. Nicole takes you through pliet variations with tempo changes & adds upper body movement. Other exercises include: squat jacks, pelvic tucks, static pliet with weighted arm & core work, and a standing donkey kick series. 

Bodyweight Burn: You could easily add lighter dumbbells to this body weight routine to up the burn. Fairly fast paced and the included cardio exercises get the heart rate up. Exercises include: deadlifts, walking squats, curtsy, ham curls, bird dog variations, walk down to plank jacks, side plank hip drops, & side lying tri pushups.

Sizzle-Sculpt Workout: Lots of multi-muscle exercises and added cardio up the calorie burn in this workout. Exercises include: squat-overhead press, dumbell pulldown, dips & squats adding a knee raise and upper body strength work, row & knee pull, jacks, curtsy dips and tri work. Lots of great balance work.

I rate these workouts intermediates that are easy to modify up or down by following one of the modifiers or by adding or subtracting weights. Lots of variety and time options make this a very versatile dvd. I like coach Nicoles personality & instruction style. I received this dvd to review.

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