Friday, July 26, 2013

Our Interview with Fitness Icon: Jackie Warner

Belles: Many of our readers are familiar with you from your television shows The Workout and Thintervention, for those that aren’t can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the fitness industry and on television?
Jackie: I was working at Warner Brothers and realized I didn’t want to be working in the entertainment business. I got into fitness late. I got certified at 30 but I was bodybuilding since I was 20. Once I was certified I started training friends and then clients. One of my clients had a total transformation in just 4 months. That got me hooked and made me really passionate about this as a career.
Belles: You have also created quite a few exercise DVDs, can we expect any more in the future?
Jackie: Definitely! I’ve got 3,000 workouts in my head and I’ve got to get them out or they’ll eat me up inside. You can expect to see my newest DVD in December.
Belles: What can you tell us about what is involved in starring in a television show vs producing a workout? Do you have a preference?
Jackie: I love producing. I’m much more comfortable behind the camera than in front. I love being in the editing bay and putting everything together. In fact I’m developing 3 shows right now and I’m not even in 2 of them!
Belles: We have done Xtreme Timesaver many times and it is an effective, tough and thorough workout. You are a huge proponent of circuit workouts.  Why are they your favorite and what is the magic behind them?
Jackie: You can get more done in 10 mins of circuit training than 40 mins of weight training. I love circuits because your heart rate is up, you’re in the fat burning zone AND you’re putting on muscle. It’s the best way to get great results. And it’s more fun for the mind, too, to keep moving.
Belles: Do your workout DVDs reflect your actual workout routine? And can you give us an example of your weekly workout routine?
Jackie: My “Personal Training with Jackie” DVDs are definitely what I do for myself. For the most part I do 2 muscle groups a day to FAILURE. So Monday might be 6 chest moves and 6 tricep moves. I spend about an hour and twenty minutes in the gym every day except Sunday. Research from Harvard shows if you work out 3 times per week you’ll maintain but it takes 5 times per week to see change. You really need that consistency.
Belles: What advice can you offer women and men out there regarding our struggles with body image?
Jackie: Don’t even look at the magazines. If you’re 5’2” you’re never going to look like Giselle. Find something realistic. Ask your doctor for your ideal weight. When you’re looking at a model or celebrity, you don’t know how unhealthy that person may be and they’re so photoshopped, it’s not their body that you’re really seeing.
Belles: You understand the evils of sugar- do you have any tricks to help with our sweet tooths? And what are your feelings on Stevia & Splenda?
Jackie: I like Stevia and avoid Spenda but…everything in moderation. A little Splenda is OK. Don’t replace sugar with artificial sweeteners. The latest research show they spike insulin  too. You need to go cold turkey. It takes five t0 seven days to break the addiction. I’ll take you through this in my book, “This is Why You’re Fat…”
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