Monday, July 29, 2013

Wild Planet: Feel Good About Your Back to School Lunches!

Its back to school time and we all know that means packing lunches and making healthy choices for ourselves & our little ones. Well Wild Planet makes it easy to choose healthy & delicious options and also options that are good for our planet! Feel good about what you eat, stay green, and stay healthy with Wild Planet. Wild Planet offers a large variety of sustainably caught wild seafood that are quick and easy to make a sandwich, wrap, seafood dip, or snack to toss in your lunch bag! Wild Planets tinned & canned varieties of seafood make seafood accessible for us all! Wild Planet's single serve pouch make a healthy lunch SO easy for even the busiest student/ parent/ full time worker-bee and everyone!

Wild Planet is a planet friendly, health friendly, fantastic seafood company: Wild Planet! Their seafood is sustainably caught wild seafood- making it an excellent choice for you, your family, and the planet! Thank you Wild Planet for providing us with healthy sustainable choices in our seafood.
Whether you are a fan of tuna fish, salmon, or sardines- Wild Planet has you covered! They carry a full line of delicious, super healthy, conveniently packaged seafood that is caught in the wild & is sustainable. Both very important to our health, the health of our families and the planet! Seafood is one of natures super foods but isnt always convenient to enjoy or prepare. Thankfully Wild Planet offers tinned & canned varieties of some of our absolute favorites, making healthy eating even more convenient for us! Make up a sandwich and toss it in your lunch box, or a salmon salad - yum!
I was very excited to see that Wild Planet offers Wild Albacore Tuna Fillets- I had never had the pleasure of enjoying them until now and let me tell you -they are amazing! I highly recommend them and am so happy that Wild Planet offers them! I found a large selection of Wild Planet products at my local Target store - so be sure to check them out. Getting seafood into your diet is important to your health & now you can rest assured that nature is being looked out for with Wild Planets seafood. Feel good about eating it and enjoy the deliciousness and health benefits of Wild Planet.

Sardines are a delicious and heart healthy treat, so I were very excited to see that Wild Planet also carries a selection of sustainable wild caught sardines in a variety of flavors.  We love them on pizza, salads, in pasta dishes, or straight from the tin! And we all know how healthy sardines are for us! Wild Planet sardines are full of heart healthy omega 3s, are very tasty, and come in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with or without Lemon, Spring Water, and Marinara varieties- cant wait to try each & every yummy variety!
One thing I was most impressed with is the big chunks of fresh tasting tuna in Wild Planet Albacore Tuna, which contains six times omega 3′s and is lower in sodium than other canned tuna products! I also love that Wild Planet offers Albacore Tuna with no added salt for those that are watching their sodium intake! Seriously, does this not, look SO much better than the other tuna guys? Come on! This looks amazing, and the good news: it tastes amazing and really does look like this straight from the can! Talk about fresh tasting seafood in the convenience of a tin!
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