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Guest Post: How to Stay Healthy Through Pregnancy

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How to Stay Healthy Through Pregnancy

Staying healthy through pregnancy can be challenging. As an expecting mother, you may encounter complications if you don’t adopt a healthy diet, exercise frequently, get enough sleep, and drink plenty of water.  Make sure to discuss your pregnancy plan with your doctor.  I was able to discuss everything with my OBGYN including breastfeeding tips, the value of cord blood, delivery techniques and more.  With proper attention, you can remain healthy throughout your pregnancy- and beyond!  Let’s take a look at how you can ensure that you and your baby remain safe.

Eat Healthy
Not only should you consume five servings of fruits and vegetables through pregnancy, you should also eat small meals through the day to manage the symptoms of the morning sickness. Small meals will also keep energy levels up. Physicians also recommend taking vitamins at night to avoid losing the effectiveness.

When I had my child, I grew my own vegetables. I thought that gardening was therapeutic, and I knew the vegetables were fresh grown without pesticides. I often used the vegetables to make soups because of easy ingestion. Staying hydrated during pregnancy is also important. Drink, at least, eight, eight-ounce glasses of water daily.  

Exercise is Not an Option
Pregnancy is no time to slack off and stop exercising. In fact, unless doctors advise against it, or you have an iron deficiency, you can exercise up until the moment of delivery. Swimming is recommended to keep the strain off the back. Walking and low-impact jogging are other popular exercises with expecting mothers.

Get Plenty of Sleep
Many women have iron deficiencies during pregnancy. This condition requires eating iron-rich foods, limited exercise, and plenty of sleep. Having the proper linens and pillows can also aid with sleep. Pregnancy pillows are recommended. These pillows may be more expensive than body pillows, which can be substituted if it is out of the budget. Pregnant women can get plenty of rest even when their nights are interrupted by frequent bathroom trips.

Eating properly is also a part of getting enough sleep at night. Edamame hummus with pita chips can help expecting women gain enough iron, calcium, folic acid, and protein. When the proper nutrients are consumed, women will sleep better at night and feel energized during the day.

You can stay healthy during pregnancy if you follow these simple tips. If you are like me, you want to ensure you do what’s best for your child. Eating healthy, exercising, getting sleep, and drinking enough water is recommended. When the tips are followed, most women have a healthy pregnancy.

thank you Katie for this wonderful post!

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