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Interview With Fitness Pro Cindy Whitmarsh (4-11-11)

The Belles recently had the pleasure of interviewing Cindy Whitmarsh of Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness!!! Cindy has over 17 years experience in the health and fitness industry, and has become an expert in getting proven results for clients ranging from professional athletes to celebrities to everyday moms. Along with her nutrition consulting business, Ultrafit Nutrition Systems, she is a personal trainer and instructor of Spinning, Muscle, and boxing classes. She has produced and stared in her own exercise Video “The Ultrafit Fat Burning Video” (which I LOVE), along with countless DVD’s (she also leads the Barry’s Bootcamp Fat Blaster series that-you guessed it I LOVE) . She has authored two fitness books (read and loved both!), a cookbook (on my wishlist), and is a top trainer on Exercise TV (have and love her ExTV w/o’s!) in addition she is a Good Morning San Diego fitness consultant.

Belles: You are a certified nutritionist, what is your best nutritional tip?Cindy: When you think you are hungry, down 2 glasses of cold water first! Wait 10 minutes and if you are still hungry then go ahead with a healthy snack. Sometimes hunger pains are only due to dehydration and a couple glasses of water will then do the trick! All my clients drink at least 80 ounces of water a day! Its the easiest and cheapest diet drink!
Belles: You have maintained a substantial weight loss. What do you to keep yourself motivated & not slip back to old habits?
Cindy: My motivation comes from an inner voice that reminds me how I used to feel when I was overweight! I was depressed, had low self esteem, constantly tired and lonely! I will never go back to those days! Also, once you have lived a clean eating life and healthy fitness life you crave good foods and the high you get from a good workout! That beats a large pizza and diet coke any day of the week!
Belles: You are a busy wife, mother, and career woman- how do you fit in fitness and what would you tell those who say “I just dont have the time to exercise”? (Awesome answer!)
Cindy: OMG this kills me! I don’t care how busy you are you can always fit in time to workout! Even if I have 10/15 minutes I will go out in the garage and jump rope and do pushups and sit ups! Just that amount of time burns calories but not only that makes me feel better about myself and when you feel good about yourself you want to eat better and do better the next day! I will get up at 5am if I have to! My family knows I need to workout and its just part of our lives! If I don’t get it in I don’t beat myself up but will do a double duty the next day! It’s just a part of my life!
Belles: What is your weekly workout routine?
Cindy: This is different every week and also depends if I am training for a video or photo shoot or just regular, but if it is a normal week here is my schedule:
Monday: Teach spin class/Ab workout
Tuesday: Teach cardio muscle Interval full body class/30 min Elliptical machine warm up before class
Wednesday: Hot Yoga/Walk Run outside!
Thursday: Biceps/Triceps/Shoulders/abs plus either stair workout or treadmill workout!
Friday: Spin class and Legs/Abs
Saturday: Hour and a half moderate cardio workout (walk, jog, rowing machine, elliptical, recumbent bike)
Sunday: Always off!
Belles: Do you workout with dvds? (such a funny response-love it!)
Cindy: No but I sometimes watch them to get inspiration or new ideas! I guess that’s not entirely true, one time I did my Ultrafit workout dvd with my sister at Christmas time and ended up yelling at myself the entire time! No Cindy this is not easy! No Cindy I don’t want to do 8 more! And stop smiling so much Cindy! This is hard! So that was it and now I just kick my own butt at the gym or at my home gym!
Belles: What’s a favorite healthy snack or meal?
Cindy: My favorite snack is a Blueberry CHOBANI Greek Yogurt with 10 almonds! Perfect blend of protein, carbs and good fats! My favorite healthy meal is grilled fish tacos and black beans! Yummy!
Belles: How would you describe your training method?
Cindy: I would say I cross train and Interval train! I cross train because I am always doing something different in my workouts and Interval training is the fastest way to get results!
Belles: Can we expect any new Cindy dvds in the future? (OMG congrats Cindy & family!!!!!)
Cindy: Yes! I am currently pregnant so I plan on creating a dvd and fitness book! After I deliver, I will make a comeback dvd! Watch out! Ill be ready to get after it and kick some butt!
Belles: How do you fit in all the different fitness genres and stay well balanced in your workouts?
Cindy: The only genre I do not do is Pilates. I do not have the patience for it. I know it’s a great workout but I just don’t feel it. I fit every other kind of workout in! Sculpting, cardio, yoga, bootcamp, I love them all!
Thank you SO much Cindy for taking the time to share you insights with the Two Belles and our readers.
Be sure to head on over to Cindy’s facebook page & congratulate and thank her!!!! Find Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness on facebook, Follow Cindy Whitmarsh on twitter, and visit Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness on the web.

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