Thursday, February 27, 2014

NEW Interview with Amenzone Fitness Founder: Amen Iseghohi

Thank you Amen for doing this interview with me! I am in love with your gym & DVDs. I cant say enough great things about Amenzone.  Amenzone workouts are athletic boot camp style workouts utilize big tires for fun, functional, and tough workouts! They feature strength, cardio & core work with unique exercises, utilizing a tire or your own body weight! Amenzone was created by Amen Iseghohi with a focus on body, mind, and back to basics workouts that WORK! You can buy the workouts, view clips learn more on Amenzone Fitness DVD. If you live in CA or AZ - check out their website for a gym near you (expanding soon- read below)! Click on my "Amenzone Fitness" link in my header to see all my Amenzone posts.

Lindsey: For those that are not familiar with you, why did you get started in the fitness industry? 

Amen: My Grandmothers influence on my early years made me realize the importance of movement. She used to say "Movement is life and to stay alive we have to keep moving!" It was from this that I was inspired to get others to move!

Lindsey: Your classes and DVDs are tough, fun, functional, and high energy - how did you develop your training method? And why tires? 

Amen: The Amenzone training style came naturally as I looked at what we ALL do day to day and designed exercises to compliment our everyday movements. While visiting my Grandmother in Africa when I was 8 years old, I was able to learn a valuable and powerful lesson that influenced my relationship with tires. She taught me to do more, with less. Incorporating tires was a way to provide a focal point that one can focus on while challenging themselves physically as the tire is a great symbol of life, if used as intended you can take it far beyond its lifetime!

Lindsey: I am lucky enough to be a member of one of your gyms and the live classes ROCK! Do you anticipate expanding your gyms from CA & AZ, throughout the states? 

Amen: Absolutely, we have been fortunate to have such success with our franchise efforts and plan to grow nationwide and internationally.

Lindsey Do you have plans to release more DVDs for the at home exercisers? 

Amen: Your timing couldn't be better! We are in the development phase of our next Rebel DVD series... coming soon, stay tuned! 

Lindsey: What modifications do you recommend for at home exercisers that don't have a tire but still want to get a hard core workout? 

Amen: At home exercisers can follow those in the Rebel DVD series that are equipped with nothing more than their natural body weight and their mental strength. I designed the Rebel DVD workouts toallow for ALL to participate, a tire is simply a bonus that will enhance the workout both physically and mentally. 

Lindsey: I was an overweight child and I love that you chose to focus on fighting childhood obesity. Can you tell me more about the Amenzone Foundation.

Amen: Thank you... I am humbled by your gratefulness. As I watch the devastating effects childhood obesity is having on today's youth, it drives me that much harder to support them in the challenges they face on a daily basis. The Amenzone Foundation was th etrue beginnings of Amenzone as I started with One Tire and One Child in a park in Scottsdale, AZ. I commend you for making fitness part of your lifestyle and for your passion to share it with the world!

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