Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The FIRM Zip Trainer Review: Firm & Cardio Lower Body

The FIRM: Zip Trainer Firm & Cardio Lower Body
Allie Del Rio, 2013

This dvd contains one 12 min cardio, one 12 min upper body, a warm up and a cool down that can be combined or played individually. You will need your Zip Trainer, both core balls, and dumbbells for this dvd. Allie leads with 2 backgrounders, one showing beginner mods & one showing some advanced mods.

Lower Body: This workout contains  short bursts followed by active recovery. Exercises include: single leg deadlift combos, high knee run, side lunge to the dome, pliets off the dome, single leg squats & deadlifts on the dome, lunge & twist, and dips & glute raises.

Cardio:  This workout contains short bursts followed by an active recovery. Exercises include: funky step touch, squat & roll the ZT, side lunge & curl the ZT, step knee around the ZT, squat & cop holding the core ball, step touch & core ball raise, lunge & core ball tri press, jacks, high knee run, step on dome w/ core ball, and fast ham curls around the dome.

(dome - unzipped flat on floor, ZT - zipped Zip Trainer w/ or w/out a core ball, core ball - just the core ball, S+C - strength & cardio, C+S - cardio & strength, AMP -as many as possible)

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