Thursday, March 13, 2014

Enso Muscle Roller: WAY Better Than a Foam Roller! Say Goodbye to Muscle Soreness!

Introducing an absolute must have for all athletes, video fitness lovers, gym goers and even weekend warriors: Enso Muscle Roller! If you have ever used a foam roller- the Enso Muscle Roller is like the caddilac version. I have been using a regular foam roller for the past year or so and when I got my Enso Muscle Roller I completely switched over. I will never go back. The Enso Muscle Roller really gets deep into the muscles with no more pain than a regular foam roller. It is fully customizable for your needs and so you can use it on all your sore muscles. 

It comes complete with a diagram showing which configurations work best for which muscles and offer more or less aggressive configurations. The Enso Muscle Roller is easy to use - check out the videos on their website or check out the pamplet that comes with the roller. Changing configurations is super easy - just slide the discs and they click right into place.

I had a sore lower back, due to tight & sore leg muscles last night and my first 10k today. I spent a good 30 minutes with my Enso Muscle Roller and let me tell you my back felt completely anew!!! My back was at its best and my leg muscles were not tight and felt great. I made it throughmy 10K and didnt die lol. Actually I made pretty good time. I also used my Enso Muscle Roller after the race (after a snack & a nap lol) and my legs and calves especially already feel less tight. I will be happy tomorrow that I rolled my muscles out today!

Right Track to Muscle Recovery

The roller has been perfected. Performance and preparation have a partner— the ensō roller. A simple design that addresses complex ailments, the patent-pending ensō is the premier roller on the market and the only roller that is completely customizable.

Increase performance and enhance your recovery

The ensō roller increases your performance and enhances your recovery by incorporating multi-use functionality into its design. By doing away with uniform pressure, ensō roller provides you with both deep-tissue and low-impact massage in order to meet your fitness needs. Unlike any other product, with ensō you can configure the disc layout to attack trigger points, and to effectively engage in Self Myofacial Release (SMFR).

Versatile and customizable

ensō is designed for versatility. It is effective on broad areas like your back and is equally useful in massaging smaller isolated muscles with their own complex conditions.  With a quick and easy adjustment of the discs, ensō conforms to all body types and training and recovery needs.  In addition to the easy positioning of the discs, you can also push them together or individually remove them in order to utilize ensō as a hand-held massaging device.

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