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Q&A Session with Fitness Trainer Holly Perkins (6-9-2011)

Belles: Your Fitness360 workout was a huge success! Do you have any plans underway for DVDs in the near future?
HollyI’m thrilled with the success of Fitness 360 and love hearing how it has helped so many people.  20 Minute Sweat was also a big success and may be my favorite video of all.  I’m chomping at the bit to get working on my next project, and have started the design phase.  I have a few ideas for new concepts, but haven’t nailed it down just yet. I’ve also consulted behind the scenes on several well known fitness DVD’s – lots of folks out there are exercising to my content and they don’t even know it!  I hope to get started on my next project soon, so look for its release in the Fall!
Belles: Can you tell us about your experience working with ExerciseTV? How did you get started there?
HollyI love ExerciseTV and all of the folks behind it. The stars aligned and they reached out to me when I moved to LA.  I was so excited to create some new exercise videos with them and saw it as an opportunity to extend my reach.  All of my workouts with Exercise TV reflect what I do with my clients everyday.  I love that I can recreate what I do in the gym with clients, and share it with the world.  While I love being in the gym, being able to workout at home with limited equipment is an important tool for people. ExerciseTV has created a massive collection of workouts that appeals to everyone.  They are the go-to source for home exercise.  I really love working with ExerciseTV  – probably because Jake, Chris and Shelly are such awesome people.  It feels good to be a part of a team that is putting “good” into the world.
Belles: What is your best piece of health & fitness advice you can offer our readers?
HollyMaking changes in your body will never be easy.  If it were easy we’d all look like Jillian Michaels.  Being healthy and fit takes effort, commitment and consistency.  If you can learn to truly embracediscomfort- and see it as a direct effect of change- you can accomplish anything.  You will never become more fit unless you challenge yourself beyond your current abilities. You’ll never be able to run three miles, until you make your body run three miles.  That applies to everything in health and fitness.  The human body is designed to survive and maintain “homeostasis”- a system of preserving itself.  Your body doesn’t want to change- that would mean a threat to the status quo. If you want to make changes, and inspire real health, you’ve got to see challenge as a positive thing.  A moment of challenge is direct feedback that your efforts will be rewarded.  If your next workout isn’t challenging, you won’t become fit.  If you always eat to match your appetite, you will never lose weight.  Wrap your arms around challenge and discomfort, give them a big hug, and you’ll see progress in all areas of your health and fitness.
Belles: You are a newlywed, congratulations! Many times people tend to let themselves go after getting married. What advice do you have to encourage or help people commit to a healthy lifestyle from the newlywed stage through the golden years?
HollyI think every one can relate to the experience of putting aside their desire to look hot because they are in a relationship.  Why does this happen!? I think that for so many of us, our fitness is tied to sexuality and attractiveness.  And once you’ve caught your love, why worry about appearance? I’ve fallen into that trap and had to claw my way out!  I believe the only way we can achieve long term success in our health and fitness is by seeing the body as a temple.  My body is a reflection of my spirit and I will be my best only when my body is at its best.  Oprah believes that your body follows your mind- and I used to agree.  While I certainly don’t want to challenge Oprah- because she’s a rock star!- I do see it differently these days.  If you can overcome the obstacles that are necessary to become supremely fit, you will find an inner strength you never knew you had.  You will have conquered something you thought you couldn’t.  So I vote: work your butt off, literally, and you will find massive meaning to being in shape.  And you will never let your relationship status change that.
Belles: So many fitness trends have come and gone; some receive a lot of attention while others go under the radar. Is there a trend that you feel hasn’t received the attention it deserves? On the same token is there one that you feel is being touted as the end all be all?
HollyOh boy, this is a loaded question!  I come from an academic background getting my B.S in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from Penn State.  From a purely physiological perspective, it’s not hard to become fit.  And it doesn’t take innovative, whacky exercise equipment.  Therefore, I believe most of the fitness trends are unnecessary – I’m old school when it comes to workouts. HOWEVER, people like things that are new and fresh – and the fitness industry should win an award for reinvention.  If a new workout, or fitness device, gets people interested and moving – awesome!  That’s what matters.  The problem is when a new fitness trend requires an advanced level of fitness that many newcomers don’t have.  That spells trouble- and injury.  The key is to analyze a fitness trend as it applies to your personal fitness landscape.  For example, The Perfect Pushup can help you do pushups.  That’s a good thing, right?  Well, not if you have weak shoulder stabilizers.  In this case, the hand positioning puts you at greater risk of injury.  I could go on and on, but instead will answer your question more directly:
Trends that I think are worthy:
P90X – ONLY for folks who are already in great shape and have a long term history of strength training.  P90X is brilliant in every way – except for beginners who don’t have the requisite joint function, strength base, and cardiovascular fitness level.
Yoga- Can’t really say that Yoga is a trend because it’s been around for many, many years. But somehow America has made it a trend.  Yoga will change your life.  For some it’s a familiar pastime.  For others it’s still a mystery or dangerous cult  To me, it’s a powerful tool that promotes well being and physiological benefits.
Trends that are misdirected:
Kettlebells: Please hear me clearly: Kettlebell workouts are genius and massively effective.  These workouts will make you stronger and fitter than you every thought possible.  BUT, beginners must start very slowly under the guidance of a very experienced trainer.  I feel that you should spend 6 months in a gym developing your joint stability and function.  Work out your kinks and misalignments, THEN go learn kettlebells to reach the next level in fitness.
Barefoot running:  99% of people will never find success running barefoot or with specialized barefoot “shoes”.  People mistakenly think that you will run better if you take shoes out of the picture.  But the truth is – as the authors state – you must learn the technique.  And it’s the technique that improves running- not the absence of shoes!  Running barefoot with poor running technique will absolutely cause serious injury for most people.  While barefoot running may work for a very, very small number of people, it’s a trend that I hope disappears.  Too many people are getting serious foot, calf and tendon injuries because they weren’t properly educated. If you are an experienced fitness enthusiast, you may find some success.  But if you are a recreational exerciser, please be cautious.

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