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Interview: Q&A with Fitness Professional Angie Miller (9-7-2012)

Angie Miller is an internationally recognized fitness professional, experienced educator, and former counselor. Passionate about teaching and inspiring others, she is an AFAA Certification Specialist, Kettlebell Concepts Senior Instructor, and workshop provider at conventions and facilities worldwide. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Counseling. With a unique talent and innovative style, Angie has inspired numerous exercisers over the years, through her workouts, workshops, and articles. Using her diverse set of skills, she blends principles from counseling and education to empower individuals and provide them the tools they need to succeed.

Belles: Your latest workout has just been released, what can you tell us about it and how it differs from your other workouts?
Angie: Bedroom Body is a very functional workout, but it involves more targeted core work than my other workouts.  All of the exercises in the main section, Buff Bodycombine upper and lower body movements and work multiple muscle groups at the same time. Not only does this keep your heart rate elevated and help you burn fat, it stabilizes and strengthens your core. I also included a lot of rotational movements and balance challenges in this portion of the workout, which are designed to help you control your center and keep your body in proper alignment. Booty Burner, the second section, focuses on lifting, shaping, and firming your backside, which I love. It also strengthens your lower back, and makes all of your movements stronger and more powerful. The last section, Core and Pelvic Floor, strengthens your abdominals and lower back, improving your posture and giving you a leaner, more defined torso. You can do each section separately, or the entire workout. I also included five pre-mixes for variety and shorter workout options.

Belles: You chose an interesting title for your workout, Bedroom Body, what can you tell us about the meaning behind the title?
Angie: Bedroom Body is about body confidence and personal acceptance, and the power of exercise in helping us to achieve both. Having a bedroom body isn’t about having a perfect body, it’s about defining the body that’s perfect for you… one that makes you feel fit, confident, strong, and even sexy if that is your mission. It means that when you escape to your private sanctuary, that personal retreat you call your bedroom, you can look in the mirror and feel good about what you see. That’s body confidence, and exercise can help us achieve it. Exercise doesn’t just improve our physical strength, it elevates our mood and balances our emotions, and it keeps our brain healthy and active. My goal is to help all women create a bedroom body, a state of personal well-being that inspires them to feel healthy and confident from the inside out.
Belles: What got you interested in creating fitness DVDs for the at home exerciser, and what else do you do in your career?
Angie: I started out in education and pursued my master’s degree in counseling. Due to my husband’s job, we started relocating pretty frequently and I decided to blend my experience in education and counseling with my passion for fitness and wellness. Initially I started that journey as a group fitness instructor, then became a personal trainer, and eventually I transitioned into training, certifying, and educating health and fitness professionals. As that was developing, my passion for teaching group exercise continued to flourish, and I had a true desire to share that passion on a larger scale, with exercisers everywhere. I wanted to work out with people in their homes, and to expand on what I already do, but have a greater impact. Production has been an amazing journey, and I feel blessed that it has worked out so well. I love the relationship I have developed with home exercisers, and knowing that I am working out with people all over, sharing a love for exercise and movement, as well as knowledge and information about overall health and well being. It has opened up more doors for me, in that I started writing, which is another passion of mine, and I am able to educate and share information there as well. I feel fortunate that I am able to blend everything that I do into one career, and ultimately do what I love on a daily basis.

Belles: Your personal responsibilities and professional responsibilities must keep you very busy. How do you balance it all? What prioritizing tips can you share to help us fit in our workouts, stay consistent, and reach our fitness goals?
Angie: I have definitely found over the years that exercise that affects my entire state of being. Therefore I can’t give it up, or no one will want to be around me.  Bottom line, my days go better when I work out. Despite the pressure from personal and professional obligations, and actually because of it, exercise is my most effective coping mechanism. It gives me a mental boost, calms and stabilizes me, and empowers me. I think once we feelwhat exercise does for us, it’s not a matter of how we’ll fit it in, it’s when. But the best advice I have is to make a plan and stick to it. The key is to schedule your workouts the way you schedule your appointments.  Think ahead, and put it on the calendar at the beginning of each week: What days will I exercise this week, what times, for how long, where will I exercise, and what will I do? Once it’s on the calendar, you are more likely to see it through and be consistent, rather than ”play it by ear” each day. Like I tell my clients, you can outsource a lot of tasks in your life, from housecleaning to computer repairs, but you can’t outsource your workouts. In the end, that’s a great thing because the rewards are awesome!

Belles: Finally, please tell us a little about your personal life and what inspires you.
Angie: I am married to someone who loves to laugh as much as I do, and who enjoys the same simple pleasures, like movies, bike rides, and spending time together as a family. I also have two teenage daughters. Having grown up with four sisters, it’s hard for me to imagine how my mom did it with 5 girls. :)Kidding aside though, my daughters have shown me over the past couple of years that they have the ability to offer compassion, empathy, and selflessness, way beyond their years. After we started caring for my mom with Alzheimer’s disease, I realized that there are so many lessons in life we cannot “teach” our children, but when we least expect it, something totally out of our control comes along and teaches them in ways we never expected. As hard as it’s been to watch my mom’s health deteriorate, I feel a sense of pride watching my daughters rise to the occasion, and faith knowing that someday they will use their experiences, and all they have learned to pay it forward. That inspires me.

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