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Interview with Fusion Fitness' Darby Brender (9-12-2012)

The Belles recently had the pleasure of reviewing the awesome Dream Body Workout from Darby Brender and Fusion Fitness! We loved the workout & found it  super fun, super effective, and super unique workout! Darby is ACE certified in group fitness and instructs live fusion classes in Kansas! We really enjoyed working hard with Darby in the workout and know you will too! You can see Darby’s passion and energy shining through in this upbeat workout! Which is why we were so excited about “interviewing” her! Keep reading for all the info:

Belles: We LOVE your Dream Body workout; do you have  any plans for a future workout? If so, what can you share with us about it?
Darby: Yes!  We do have plans for more workouts to share with those that are not located in Kansas City.  We will keep you posted, but soon you will be able to workout with us on a more regular basis!
Belles: What was your motivation behind your unique fusion workouts?
Darby: I have always been enthralled with fitness, healthful eating, and exercise.  As soon as I had my first child, and quit working full time I found myself at the gym for 2-3 hours a day.  I guess I had a lot of energy to burn, so I decided I could share this passion with other people and help inspire them to workout just a little bit harder.
Belles: You are obviously enthusiastic & educated in fitness, what got you started in the fitness industry?
Darby: I say I got started at age 6.  Spending countless hours in the Gym as a competitive gymnast.  I knew the stronger I was the better scores I would get at meets.  I spent evenings doing push ups, pull ups and sit up in grade school. I had always wanted to help people live fitter lives. After I decided to take my dream seriously as an adult, I got my ACE certification and began molding my class structures together. I put my muscle theory to music and it was magic! Our nonstop, challenging routines are a recipe for success for our clients.
Belles: You instruct live fusion classes Kansas, what can you tell us about them?
Darby: Our classes are full of wonderful, positive, goal driven individuals.  We are a team and we are here to support one another in all that we do.  Old and new friendships fill our classes, so does laughter. The classes have FUN, LOUD, music, along with Sweat dripping from wall to wall.  We have 2 studios in Kansas City.  They are both bright, energetic, and made for working out.
Belles: What is your best advice to those of us looking to lead  healthier, more active lives?
Darby: STICK WITH IT!  Find what motivates you and keep that in mind whenever you want to give up.  Eat to fuel your body. Believe in yourself. Give yourself the best life possible.
Thank you Darby for sharing your insights with our readers! We loved learning more about you & look forward to your future workouts! We wish we lived in Kansas so we could visit a live class!
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  1. Thanks for posting your interview. I posted this on Facebook but you may not have seen it: Lindsey, if you know of anyone who wants to trade an unopened first set of 5 DVDs (Dream Body Workout Series) for the second Cardio Series, let me know. I have the first set (unopened) and want the second. Both are awesome but I don't need two copies of the first set and I REALLY want the Cardio series. ~Deb

  2. I got the FB email but it wouldnt let me access the comment? So strange... I will def keep my eye out :)