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Interview with Self Defense Expert Jennifer Cassetta (10-29-2012)

The Belles recently had the pleasure of reviewing Jennifer Cassetta’s new Stilettos and Self Defense Vol 02. Jennifer is a  a third-degree black belt and offers a line of awesome self defense videos.  After she found herself in a few dangerous situations in NYC she decided to move towards the self defense arena and her video series was born. Keep reading to learn more about Jennifer & her hit series of self defense dvds.

Belles: Can you start out by telling us a little about yourself? What motivated you to create the Stilettos and Self defense DVDs?
Jennifer: Back in 2000, I began training in martial arts as a way to shake up my fitness routine and get off of the treadmill, AKA hamster wheel. I was immediately hooked on the diverse physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of HapKiDo. About 2 years later I needed my training! I was attacked on my NYC street and scared off my attacker. I began to take my training to a whole new level. Years later I developed Stilettos and Self Defense as a response to requests from tons of NYC women. Since teaching these classes for years, I hear stories all the time about women being attacked, abused, put down and even killed and I always think, what if… What if that woman knew a basic strike, screamed, ran away, or avoided the situation altogether? That is why I created these DVD’s, to increase women’s awareness around safety and empowerment.
Belles: You have an extensive background in personal training, nutrition, HapKiDo and training clients to achieve their fitness goals, have you given any thought into putting together a workout and nutrition program for the home consumer?
Jennifer: Yes! Stay tuned in the next few months to see some new self-defense based workouts on my Youtube Channel: healthandthecity. I am working on a book that encompasses safety, strength, fitness and nutrition for the savvy girl based on my background as a certified personal trainer, clinical nutritionist and 3rd degree black belt.
Belles: In this day and age, it is extremely important for women to learn how to defend themselves, what advice can you give women to begin protecting themselves today?
Jennifer: Every woman can start just by increasing their awareness. Walk with purpose when you are alone. Keep a watchful eye on your surroundings at all times. Act confident with your posture, your gait, and in your language. Avoid being a target in the first place. I do believe every woman should take a self-defense class and if you won’t, then practice at home with me and the Stilettos and Self Defense DVD!
Belles: You have recently teamed up with Beachbody to certify instructors in the popular P90X program, how do you think having certified trainers at the gyms will affect Beachbody’s presence in the DVD market?
Jennifer: Great question! There are gym people and there are home workout people. By Beachbody allowing their programs to be taught in gyms, I believe, they are expanding their market to people who wouldn’t necessarily workout in their living rooms. It’s a great company run by very intelligent people so I am sure they did their homework.
Belles: We really enjoyed your Stilettos & Self Defense Vol 2 dvd, do you have any plans for future releases and what can you share with us about them?
Jennifer: The next videos I plan on creating will encompass fitness through self-defense training. This first series gives you the down-and-dirty ways to protect yourself in any situation.  Volume 1 is calledDefensive Tactics. Here you will learn more techniques from myself and demonstrated on a man. Volume 2,Stilettos and Self Defense, let’s you follow along in a seminar format as 5 ladies get their lesson in heels! Volume 3, Improvised Weapons, will teach you how to use every day items like a pen, key or rolled up magazine, to take someone down and get to safety as quickly and efficiently as possible. All three DVD’s are available for digital download or purchase at
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