Monday, May 19, 2014

Pure Water Bottles: The Worlds Safest Glass Bottle

I love using glass water bottles but because I am a bit clumsy I worry about dropping and breaking - well worry no more with Pure Water Bottles. They have a safe shell coating on them, so even if you drop and shatter the bottle you can safely pick it up and toss it in the recycling bin. I can vouch for this first hand as Pure sent me a broken bottle so that I could see how well the coating keeps all of the glass contained. I literally picked the bottle up, held it, passed it to my husband, he shook it around and then we tossed it in the recycle bin. NO glass shards, no mess, no safety concerns! LOVE IT! 

The bottles are dishwasher safe and come in a variety of styles and include TONS of lid options! I love that the bottles are re-usable, we all know there are TOO many plastic water bottles out there these days to even recycle anymore. Pure Water Bottles are great for the environment and are great for your health. They offer flat lids, sport handle lids, and sip top lids.

Safety first! My co-worker actually fell holding a regular re-usable glass bottle and cut her hand pretty bad, so since then I have been hesitant to use glass bottles - but of course Pure has saved the day :) I dont like using plastics (even BPA free ones because they leach colors & flavors, and metal ones can rust and the pain chips off. Who knows what kind of paint they are using so I am SO happy to have found Pure bottles!

Check them out and you will be a convert. The bottles fit nicely in your hand and with so many bottle & lid designs you will find something you love- probably a few :) Check the links below for more info & to score some Pure bottles for yourself.

For More Information, Visit: 
Pure Water Bottles on the web
Pure Water Bottles on Twitter
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