Monday, June 9, 2014

Doonya: Abs, Glutes, and Cardio DVD Review

Doonya: Abs, Glutes, and Cardio
Priya Pandya and Kajal Desai, 2013

Priya & Kajal lead these workouts in a beautiful outdoor setting. The dvd contains three workouts and a separate warm up & cool down. You will not need any equipment for these routines.

10 Minutes Abs: Exercises include hip pushes, knee pulls, side knee pulls, plank, plank jacks, plank knee pulls, rib cage shifts, hip circles, and V rows. Mostly standing and lots of fun moves with a bit of a dancy flair.

12 Minutes Hips, Glutes, Thighs: Exercises include glute raise & ulse series, low & fast side steps, hamstring extension series, hip raises, chair pose & dip, pliet & lunge to side, pliets on toes, balance side knee raises. Great pace, fun active routine.

16 Minutes Cardio Express: This fun routine contains 3 mini-routines. Exercises include fast heel taps, hip pumps, kicks, knees, ham curls, fast side leg raises, hi knees, side knee pulls, jump rope, skater floor touches, and double kicks. The girls do a great job of adding in fun arm movements to up the cardio effect. 

These are intermediate routines. I really enjoyed them, they had a good pace, were nice & active, and I enjoyed the instruction style. A little dancy but still easy to follow with a great energy. These are fun little routines that bring some variety and fun factor to your workouts! The set is gorgeous & the Bollywood music is fun. I received this dvd to review. 

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