Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tracie Long Training: Strength in Movement

Tracie Long Training: Strength In Movement
Jen Carmen, 2006

Jen leads this 55 min strength & cardio routine in a brick set with an awesome view of the ocean through the windows. You will need a med ball and dumbbells for this workout. There are 2 background exercisers all performing a different level of intensity. The DVD includes a premix.

After a warm up using the ball, exercises include weighted balance stick & one legged squats w/ overhead press & tri work, bi curl balancing one leg, dip & row, balance glute raise & oblique ball pull, side lunges w/ wiper & diagonal raises, WV & reach down to squat, lunge series, shifting squat series, ball pendulum, tri push-ups, plank & kickbacks, ball cardio routines, side lunge w/ inner & outer thigh sweeps, floor core work, bridge series and a final stretch.

I rate this an intermediate routine following Jen. The pace is quick so I recommend using moderate weights. Jen uses lots of tempo variations to work your muscles in a different way. The TLT set focuses on purposeful movements so the more you focus on each exercise the better results you will get. Jen is a great lead & this dvd has a lot of fun routines. I did not receive this dvd to review.

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