Monday, September 8, 2014

TLT : Endurance for Movement

Tracie leads this 60 min functional strength & cardio routine in a brick set with an awesome view of the ocean through the windows. You will gliding discs, a stability ball, and dumbbells for this workout. There are 2 background exercisers all performing a different level of intensity. 

After a fun 4 limb warm up, exercises include walk out planks, frog & mermaid low back work on the ball, hi knees, butt kicks, hurdlers, kick -dip-relovet, side lunges, squat & row or overhead press, single leg power jumps, single leg squats & good mornings, kick series, criss cross jacks, puhsups, weighted side plank pulls, disc climbers, plank double knee pull using the discs, lunge to power knee ups, low lunge & balance knee, hip shift squats, disc pushups series, tri extensions, ball core series, disc side lunges, ribcage pullover with reverse crunch, and a stretch.

I rate this an intermediate routine following Tracie. I really like this workout, it is well rounded and really hits the core. As with the other TLT workouts, they are unique & work your muscles in a different way. Tracie is, as always, an excellent instructor. I did not receive this dvd to review.

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