Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cathe Friedrich Ripped with HiiT Review: Lift it Hit It Chest, Triceps, & Shoulders

Ripped with HiiT: Lift it Hit It Chest, Triceps, & Shoulders
Cathe Friedrich, 2014

Cathe leads this 39 min focused strength workout in a gym set with four backgrounders. You will need dumbbells, a step with risers, and an optional barbell (I used dumbbells). This DVD and all i the set, contain a ton of premixes, are fully chaptered, and contain both ab workouts.

Cathe works each muscle group with 3 heavy sets with short rest breaks, and a finisher and then moves to the next muscle group. After the warmup, chest work includes: bench press, 15 pushups, incline bench for tri pushups, pec fly, decline pushups. Shoulders: overhead press & upright row, scarecrows, alt lat raise, front raise. Tri's: french press, skull crushers, kickbacks, and a cooldown & stretch.

Cathe & group lift heavy and the goal of this workout is to lift to failure. Using heavy weights, this is an advanced workout & my muscles were definitely fatigued after this! Cathe provides excellent poundage & modification advice. Love the heavy weight work, works great with the other workouts in this set to create a super well rounded set. I did not receive this DVD to review.

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