Friday, February 13, 2015

Cathe Friedrich's Ripped with HiiT Review: Plyo HiiT One & Two

Cathe Friedrich's Ripped with HiiT  Plyo HiiT One & Two
Cathe Friedrich, 2014

This DVD contains two plyo workouts, both ab workouts, a TON of premix options and is fully chaptered. Cathe & 4 backgrounders work out in a gym with a city view. You will need a step & a 10# dumbbell for workout 2. Each workout contains a warm up & cool down.

Plyo HiiT One (27 min): Cathe provides short rest periods after each of the 14 exercises. The work & rest times, and intensity are varied to keep your mind & body engaged. Exercises include: run-leap-floor touch, snowboard 180 floor touch jumps, grape vine with plyo lunges, single arm burpees, butt kicker tuck jumps, plyo boxing drill, duck jumps & hop turns, side thrust burpees, air jacks, wide burpee & tuck jumps, shuffle up & around mat & floor touch, wide 180 floor touches, and jump forward & plyo jack turn & back.

Plyo HiiT Two (27 min): Cathe uses the step for the entire plyo drill style workout with short rests between exercises. Exercises include: jump on & straddle knee, jump on & over step, travel across the step with your dumbbell, jump on & off step and 7 glute repeater, uneven box squat jumps around the step, jump on step to plyo jacks, knee straddle & soccer drill, low jump forward & back to jumps on & off step, wide tap lunges, uneven 180 jumps, jump over step-burpee-2 tuck jumps, weighted lunge to & behind step, and finally jump up-step down-7 repeater glute-basic step-hop turn.

These are very advanced workouts despite them not being super long in length. I didnt even use a step for workout 2 and got an advanced workout. Great cuing and drill style athletic cardio exercises make this an easy way to get your heart rate UP! Cathe keeps your body guessing by mixing up the tempo and rest times. I was left breathing heavy & burned a ton of calories with both these workouts. I did not receive this DVD to review.

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