Saturday, February 14, 2015

Welcome to My Hello Kitty Gym!

Yes I work in out in a Hello Kitty Gym! Hey, it may be the one & only: 

Heres some of my fun gadgets

lets see: bands, balls, disc, weight belt, step, hoop, weighted balls, DVDs, tubing, mini kettlebell (got rid of my heavy ones), rebounder, yoga mat, fan & AC (it gets HOT IN HERRR), I love all 

And here's all my lighter weights
 Its fun to think back, those 8's were once my heavy weights!!! Don't forget, everyone starts sometime, somewhere. Now I rarely use the 8's for strength work!

And heres a pretty clear picture of my awesome DVD collection!
DVD's under the TV & the water cooler. That is a handmade (my mama) Hello Kitty valance, and yes that is a Hello Kitty water cooler. No gym is complete without one...

Heres a few older pics

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  1. I have so many Hello Kitty tee shirts and a few HC dolls, but nothing like your gym! I love it!