Saturday, March 14, 2015

Penny Gets Her Sweat On

Penny got her sweat on today, here she is, working her abs, trying to get rid of that mom pooch....Poor Penny is getting super fat. Anyone successfully get their cat to trim down??? Apparently the Hello Kitty gym workouts arent cutting it. 
oh and these shoes are the most comfortable shoes Ive ever owned! Love them, they are Reeboks. Im a total Reebok convert now. I hit up their outlet store whenever I can. They have some awesome clothes too. Check my super cute pants, the shirt is cute too:

This was an Oktoberfest 5K we did in guessed it October. It was an ok race. We were supposed to get steins and we got those cheapo cheeseball plastic cups. Probably wont be doing this one again next year. Funny the cat pic w/ my shoes led to the cute capris, which led to this race ;) Youre welcome. More than you bargained for in this post...

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