Wednesday, April 1, 2015

EVOLUTION20 by Christine Bullock Workout System

Reshape your body in record time! Christine Bullocks new EVOLUTION20 system will get you in peak shape in 60 day! The system contains ten workouts on two DVDs. Each workout is only 20 minutes long and you can easily mix & match the workouts if you are up for a REAL calorie burn. Of course, the system is set up to get you into your best shape in only 20 minutes a day. The DVD's are on 2 DVDs in one sturdy plastic DVD case. The system comes with a meal plan, menus, health & fitness tips & more. And best yet- no equipment is required! You can add weights if you want to up the strength work or work with Christine and use your bodyweight to get lean & chiseled.  Read more to learn all about this hot new system and stay tuned on the blog to read detailed reviews of all the workouts. Click on the EVOLUTION20 tab to get to all my posts. Buy the workouts here.

The workouts include: High Intensity Drills, Functional Bodyweight Training, Pilates, Stability, Plyometrics, Yoga, Super-setting and More! Super well rounded workouts by a super motivating instructor make this set a must have. Christine lays the workouts out and structures this system to provide peak results in only 20 minutes a day. Get in, get out & git fit with EVOLUTION20. Disc one is phase one and disc two is phase two- build up to the workouts on level two, though level one still provides challenging workouts that will shred fat & get you the lean physique you want. 

Evolution20 is a 60-day Fitness and Nutritional program created & instructed by Christine Bullock. I'm a huge fan of Christine ever since trying her 10 Minute Solution workout so when I saw she had a new system out-  I could not wait to try it out. With EVOLUTION20 you can reshape your body in record time with this high performance series and meal plan that integrates some of the most progressive exercise techniques into one powerful program. This is such a well rounded routine, you will not get bored with these fun heart-pumping workouts. 

EVOLUTION20 includes:

  • Ten workouts on two DVDS: 2 phases
  • a bonus AB Shred workout
  • a customized fitness calendar
  • a 60-day meal plan with over 40 recipes

The Set Includes Phase 1 & 2 of Each:

  • Endurance - Endurance is the strength and stamina that carries you through a workout or a physical activity from start to finish. Your endurance goals are achieved through combining super-sets of strength exercises with plyometrics. 
  • Power- Power is the intensity that helps you to hit harder and jump higher. High velocity training and explosive exercises build up that power within you. 
  • Agility- Agility is the ability to make movements with coordination and speed. You can improve your agility with the same sports-drills and training that boxers and other athletes use to stay quick on their feet. 
  • BalanceBalance is the ability to move gracefully and with ease. Yoga and stability training will sculpt those strong flexible muscles that keep you in balance.
  • Foundation- Foundation is that fundamental element of strength that sets you up to succeed in all areas. A Pilates inspired total-body toning workout will help you prevent injury while building a strong core, a lean physique, and an ideal foundation. Evolution20 is a comprehensive workout routine, laid out for you in a 60-day, 10 workout, 20 minute a day plan - all expertly designed for you by premier health and fitness guru Christine Bullock.

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