Thursday, September 10, 2015

Outer Spice Seasonings: Low & No Sodium Seasoning Taste Adventure!

Introducing Outer Spice Seasonings. I am always looking for flavorful, fresh, healthy ways to enhance my foods. Its hard to find a flavorful, low sodium, healthy seasoning- all the ones at the stores are packed with strange ingredients I cant pronounce and not to mention a TON of sodium. The salt-free options I have tried have no flavor- where does that leave you? Checking out Outer Spice- thats where! Outer Spice Seasonings low salt and no salt seasoning blends provide an out-of-this-world taste, making every dish taste better than you ever thought it could. Keep reading to learn more and head over to Outer Spice to get your own.

They use only clean, high-quality whole herbs and spices in their seasoning blends and they grind their whole spices in small batches for optimum freshness, aroma flavor, and potency. All-natural, no MSG, gluten-free, contains natural antioxidants. They offer their Original and their Spicy in both low salt and no salt varieties. They use Himala ™ brand pink sea salt in their low salt variety and it only contains 95mg of sodium per serving which is only 4% of your daily value. You can really see and of course taste, the fresh herbs in their blends. I love to grill so I use my Outer Spice all.the.time! Sprinkle on your grilled chicken, season your steak, or add to recipes - you will love it!

They grind whole herbs and spices immediately before making Outer Spice blends for maximum taste, freshness, and aroma that you can see & taste in each bottle. Their low sodium line uses only Himala® brand, Himalayan pink sea salt. Himalayan salt is a superb source of essential minerals that our body needs, containing 84 elements found in the human body. Outer Spice seasonings are made from 15 delicious, high quality herbs and spices. Did you know that herbs and spices deliciously provide a whole range of incredible health benefits, including pain relief. They are also jam-packed with antibacterial, disease-fighting antioxidants and antiviral properties.

As I said, I grill a lot so my fav way to use Outer Spice is to grill but I used my Outer Spice blend in place of "Italian Seasoning" in a recipe to really amp up the flavor and quality of the recipe and it was amazing- much better than a sodium, yuck filled seasoning from the store. Another way I love to use my Outer Spice is to mix up my own salad dressings or marinades. Simply choose your ingredients - olive oil, vinegar, honey, soy sauce and some Outer Spice- healthy and tastes amazing!

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