Saturday, October 24, 2015

Getting Old Sucks!

I have somehow injured my lower back and have been semi-out of commission for almost a month. If you are a workout junkie like me, you know how devastating this is. Luckily I have had many reviews pre-written up and stockpiled for just such an occasion but alas I am running low on reviews so you will notice in the next week or two less DVD reviews :( believe me, I am just as devastated as you. But do not fear, I will have 2-3 reviews per week back up & running in no time. In the mean time please enjoy my other healthy living reviews and some reviews of some fab low impact workout DVDs that I have stockpiled in my library for just such an occasion.

Getting old sucks :( My workout routine for the past month has consisted of alternating low impact, modified upper body, and chiropractor appointments. I really hope to be back & up running full time SOON. Stay tuned as I finish up reviews for the fantastic series I currently have pending (Tonergy, Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series, and Fe Fit) along with some singles you will love!

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  1. I really enjoy your posts on Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series since I have the original series and hope to get that one. Hope you get better soon and back to your workouts!

  2. Thank you & thank you! I have on more Dream Body workout pending and that review will be up soon. I am slowly getting back to normal :)