Friday, October 23, 2015

Leslie Sansone Just Walk: The Burn to the Beat Walk Review

Leslie Sansone Just Walk: The Burn to the Beat Walk
Leslie Sansone, 2015

This DVD contains three 15-20 min one mile walks and a bonus floor toning routine. You wont need any equipment for these workouts. Leslie works out in a large studio with a group of walkers. The DVD is chaptered and each mile has its own built in warm up cool down.

The Easy Beat Mile: This is a 20 minute 3 MPH walk. Exercises included walking, side step, kicks, knees, walking up & back, double side step, side toe taps, power walking, bob & weave, & skater.

The Brisk Beat Mile: This is a 15 min, 4 MPH walk. Exercises include: walking, walking up & back, kicks, side steps, V step, ham curls, double side steps, knees, and step knee ups.

The Super Beat Mile: This is a 12 min 5 MPH walk. Exercises include walking, walking up & back, side steps, punches, side tap outs, jump rope, power walking, and knee ups.

Bonus After the Burn: This is a very beginner toning & stretch routine. Exercises include supine knee raises, crunches, single leg stretch, bridge variations, modified hundred, bird dog, donkey kick series, knee planks, and stretches.

I rate these workouts beginner to low intermediates. In all of the routines Leslie adds in arm movements to keep the heart rate up. Leslie is her usual motivating self but is not overly chatty. She provides great cuing and a lot of good form reminders. Each mile amps up the intensity a bit. I received this DVD to review.

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