Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Interview with Barlates Body Blitz Creator Linda Wooldridge

If you have been following the blog you know I have had the pleasure of reviewing some of Linda Wooldridge's wonderful workouts (my reviews can be found here). Linda's Australian based Workout DVD World offers all of her DVDs, downloads, and a huge selection of other fitness DVDs for purchase from their webstore. US based customers can purchase Linda's DVDs from Total Fitness DVDs. Linda offers workouts on DVD and digital downloads. Stay tuned on the blog for more detailed reviews of other fab workouts from Linda and read my Q&A interview with her below! It was a pleasure getting to know Linda a little better & I know you will love learning more about her as well. 

Lindsey: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got started in the fitness industry? 
Linda: I have been a fitness enthusiast all my life! I have worked with nutrition and personal training for many years and I love helping people reach their exercise and weight loss goals! I have worked in the diet and fitness industry in one form or another for my entire career. At one stage my husband, Michael, and I owned our own personal training business, which eventually turned into Workout DVD World! After years of using other instructor's workout DVDs I decided to specialize in my own style called Barlates Body Blitz. I started off instructing Barlates Body Blitz workout classes twice a week in my city of Perth, Western Australia and then progressed to creating an ever-growing library of my own fusion style workouts. 

The name, Barlates Body Blitz, came about because I wanted my workouts to be a fusion of all my favourite styles – ballet barre, pilates, yoga and more traditional cardio and toning exercises. Hence the name Bar = barre and lates = pilates. The Body Blitz part of it stands for everything else!

The idea was to create a workout, which flows seamlessly from one move into the next using the principles of isotension and high repetitions to build long, lean muscles. By using a lighter weight with high repetitions the exercises are designed to target all of those underused smaller muscle groups resulting in a defined, lengthened dancer's physique. This is a real girls workout in the sense that it is fun and feminine, but don't get me wrong it is still super intense with a big burn factor! The workouts are designed to be mixed and matched with an array of 20-30 minute upper body, lower body, abdominal and total body workouts that can be strung together for a longer session or done individually if you are short on time. These workouts will hit all those trouble spots and best of all you don't even need to wear shoes to do them! Get ready to sweat, puff and burn! 

Lindsey: I really enjoy your barre pilates fusion workouts, is this your main workout routine or do you mix it up with other genres?
Linda: I do always like to mix up my workouts in order to keep my body guessing. I try to use HIIT training when it comes to cardio and I also enjoy spinning, and I add in some heavier weight training along with my light-weight barre work.

Lindsey: What is the best piece of health or fitness advice you can offer to my readers?
Linda: Find a workout that you really enjoy so that you can stick with it consistently. If you love dance, then there are plenty of dance workouts out there - or if yoga and pilates is your thing then stick with those rather than  busting your gut with high intensity workouts that you may dread! Your workouts shouldn't have a 'dread factor' or else you won't look forward to doing them and you will be much more likely to fall off the bandwagon!

Lindsey: Your personal responsibilities and professional responsibilities must keep you very busy. How do you balance it all? What prioritizing tips can you share to help us fit in our workouts, stay consistent, and reach our fitness goals?
Linda: I always work out in the morning so that as the day goes on I don't get too 'busy' to fit it in. I also find that starting off your day with a workout helps to clear your mind and boost your energy for the rest of the day. Every workout counts! Nowadays you can find short, effective workouts that get a lot done in minimal time so you don't have to spend hours slogging it out to get the results you want. Even if you only have 10 minutes of free time - spend it doing something highly effective rather than having a cup of tea! Your body will thank you for it. Then, on days where you have a bit more time you can get a longer workout in. 

Lindsey: What fitness myth would she like to dispel (or see disappear entirely)?
Linda: I really don't like the myth that long sessions steady state cardio is the way to go for weight loss. I believe that once your body gets used to any form of cardio it will stop giving you results. I would much more highly recommend short sessions of high intensity interval training that get your heart rate high and then give it a chance to recover before spiking it again. This not only burns lots of calories in a minimal time, but gives you that afterburn factor where your body burns an increased amount of calories for hours after your workout. 

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