Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Beyond Barre Fit DVD Review

Beyond Barre Fit
Colleen Ketchum, 2016

This DVD contains four 6-12 min segments, a warm up & a stretch segment. You will need a barre or a tall back chair, a band or loop, light weights, and a small ball for this workout. Colleen leads alone in a cute barre studio. You can choose a segment from the main menu or the routines flow into each other.

Weights (Upper Body): 10 min You use light weights for this full body routine. Exercises include tri kickbacks & pushues, military press adding plie, bear huge & plie, plie series, bi work adding relove & lunge, and side lunge with bis.

High Barre (Leg Tone): 12 min You use the ball for this routine. Relove with the ball in your inner thighs adding a ball squeeze, squats, 1st position plie & reach, plie & leg raise series, lunge knee raise & plie, lunge pulses.

Mid Barre (Booty Lift): 7 min Using the band tied in a loop around your ankles: back attitude series adding pulses, clams, side leg raises, and some stretches.

Abs & Stretch: 10 min crunches adding leg extensions, teaser, knee pulls, V sit, leg drops, bicycle, roll backs, reverse pushups, tri dips, and seated stretches.

Bonus Glide Cardio: This routine uses the gliding mat; exercises include sliding back and forth with various arm movements, gliding adding taps, knee raises and attitudes, plank to pike, mt climbers, and plank knee pull ins.

I rate this an intermediate routine. Colleen is a great instructor that provides great cuing, form pointers, and motivation. I enjoy her as an instructor. The workout provides a great amount of reps that will have you feeling but not feel like you are going to die. I received this DVD to review.

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