Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cathe ICE Series: To The Mat Legs & Glutes Review

I recently bought Cathe's newest series ICE. ICE stands for Intermediate Conditioning Extreme. The set includes seven DVDs in one sturdy plastic DVD case. The DVDs also contain five "Muscle Meltdown" workout, two ab workouts, and five "Blizzard Blast" workouts. The Muscle Meltdowns are short body part specific all strength routines. The Blizzard Blasts are shorter, original footage workouts. You can read all of my ICE reviews here.

Cathe Friedrich, 2016

This is a 49 min lower body mat workout. Cathe works out with her crew in her regular studio. You will need dumbbells, an exercise ball, a band, and a loop, for this routine.

After a warm up, exercises include: hamstring ball pull-ins, frog pull ins, side lying no the ball leg series, supine ball toss & catch, inner thigh ball squeeze, quad & inner thigh work on the ball, plank step ins with the loop, hydrants using the loop, seated calf press with the band, side plank hip lifts & leg raises, inner thigh raises, supine elevated heel presses, plank to crouch, side lying L outer thigh series, clam, down dog to plank with a leg raise, flutter kicks, low back work, and a cool down & stretch.

I rate this a high intermediate routine. Tons of variety and lots of fun, unique exercise had me feeling the burn. This is a good one to break up and add on to other workouts or do in its entirety if you are a mat workout type of exerciser. I like to break it up & add to standing lower body workouts personally.  I did not receive this DVD to review.

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