Saturday, August 27, 2016

Getting My Home Gym Put Together

Getting my home gym put back together. Hubby put up shelves in my closet for my DVD addiction, I mean collection. To free up some space in my workout area I cleared out the junk from my closet and put some of my fitness gadgets on the top shelf and on the floor. My plan is to mount the TV on the wall so I can get rid of the TV stand which will also free up some floor space. I will leave the stand pictured below as it fits in the nook there by the door & holds a lot of my DVDs. Im going to need to get more puzzle mats. Im looking for a better flooring option but so far havent found anything better suited than the puzzle mats. If I get enough to fill the room I shouldnt have the separating issues I have now. One thing at a time.

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