Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Interview with Red Hot Dance Fitness' Christine Gallagher DeFilippis

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Christine Gallagher DeFilippis' newest workout DVD's (links to reviews here). Christine is a fitness and dance expert and a choreographer. With over 20 years of teaching experience, she combined her passion and expertise in the fields of dance and fitness to create the Red Hot Dance Fitness™ & Red Hot Barre™ award winning programs. She is certified through AFAA & ACE in addition to holding over 20 specialized certifications as well as a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Keep reading to learn more about Christine. She was nice enough to do an "interview" with me, her responses are below. 

Lindsey: I recently had the opportunity to review your 2 fitness DVDs, and really enjoyed them! Can you share with us your fitness bio?
Christine: Here is a link to her bio: https://about.me/christinegdeflippis 

Lindsey: Your DVDs were both fun & effective, which isn’t easy to achieve in the industry. Do you have plans for future DVDs (please say yes!)
Christine: I don’t have any plans to film any DVDs but I am working on re-launching my online site for dance and barre workouts.

Lindsey: Women these days have so much pressure to be the perfect mom, devoted wife, excel in their careers, be superfit and more. How do you find time to do it all. How do you fit it all in and what advice do you have for any of us that may struggle to accept ourselves when we may not feel that we are 100% at all of the above.
Christine: Planning and prioritizing are key. I used to try to multitask and get so many things done in one day. Now I spend 30 minutes every morning prioritizing what is important and devoting at least 2-4 hours a day of focuses energy getting my projects done. Focussing on one single task until completing has been key. Just like when I teach classes I’m 100% focused on teaching its the same thing when I am creating new choreography, trainings or programs. I break everything down into smaller tasks and make sure I get a few things done each day. I also spend time at the end of each week and each month to review what worked and what didn’t and plan for the next week/month.

Lindsey: Does your fitness routine focus mainly on dance & barre or do you also participate in other types of fitness? Can you share with us your typical routine?

Christine: I teach about 10 dance and barre classes each week. I get plenty of cardio but what I try to focus on during my workouts is strength training. I have recently committed to a daily yoga practice and not only has that helped me increase my strength and flexibility but also helped me develop a meditation practice. Some days my practice includes a vigorous vinyasa class and others a gentle yoga or yin yoga class.

Lindsey: My blog is “Fitness For the Rest of Us,” I feel that fitness is a journey for everyone that doesn’t end, you just get stronger as you go. Do you have any fitness mottos that you can share with my readers?
Christine: Fitness isn’t a look. Having struggled myself with eating disorders and having a negative body image I spent many years hating the way I looked. No matter how many classes I taught and how many participants loved my classes I allowed my negative body image to keep me from sharing my passion. I thought because I didn’t look a fitness instructor I shouldn’t teach. Even though physically I could teach. I always encourage students to work out because they love their bodies not because they hate them. Move your body, nourish your body and LOVE your body! That is my workout philosophy.

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