Friday, October 21, 2016

Coral LLC's Alkalizing Water Sachets: Drop In & Go!

Coral LLC's Alkalizaing Water Treatment Sachets allow you to easily up your hydration game with. Coral LLC’s convenient Alkalizing Water Treatment are super easy to use, just drop a sachet into your cup or water bottle and it will raise water’s pH, buffer chlorine, add trace minerals and more. Alkalized water packs a healthy punch, keeps you hydrate, maintains a healthy pH balance, helps with detox and ups your metabolism. The sachets are small and easy to take with you on the go, pack for travel, and of  course for every day use. We all know how important adding alkaline to our diets is. Keep reading to learn more. 
Coral LLC's Alkalizing Water Treatments are small and portable. Keep them in your purse, desk drawer, suitcase, gym bag or more. Just drop one in a liter water bottle or pitcher in the fridge. They are super simple –and space conscious do you can keep them anywhere from your carry-on to your suitcase when on the go.

Coral’s alkaline water sachets harness the healthful benefits of EcoSafe™, above-sea coral to transform ordinary water into a supercharged beverage bringing hydrating electrolytes and ionic trace minerals often stripped from treated water.
Perfect for helping travelers, gym-goers, and thirst-quenchers everywhere, you can achieve optimal hydration and energy, the sachets deliver 74 bio-available coral minerals, free radical-fighting antioxidants and Vitamin C to water anytime, anywhere. Alkalized water has been known to help the body maintain a healthy pH balance, hydration level and metabolism, as well as support natural detoxification*.

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