Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It’s a Magical New Year 5K Race #WilRunForBling

Yes I did this race for the medal. That was my main motivation! Look at the medal though- I mean, how freaking awesome is this??? And yes that is a Rainbow Dash shirt that says "hood" on it. My friends said gangsta. Appropriate.

The race is also for Team RWB (Team Red, White, & Blue) so proceeds to go to a good cause. I also like the group, it is a smaller group of racers than some of these huge races, which is nice. I hate battling traffic and parking and herds of people on race mornings. This one is also not too far of a drive for me.

It was actually COLD in the AM, well cold for Phoenix. It was 50. Once we got running it warmed up and I took my jacket off. I did this slow & steady run the whole time. Didnt push myself and my knee feels pretty good. Till next time.

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