Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Shoot: Frankie Essex Weight Loss Workouts with Lisa Nash Review

Introducing New Shoot  - if you havent heard of them, keep reading! They produce awesome fitness DVDs. Their focus is to film authentic yoga, fitness & lifestyle content for worldwide distribution.  The aim of New Shoot Pictures is to continually create the very best health, fitness and lifestyle content featuring extremely talented artists and filmed with state of the art technology.  New Shoot produces, films, edits and distributes our own original productions as well as finished programmes of other labels that are a good fit for the catalogue. Keep reading below for a detailed review of a wonderful New Shoot DVD and stay tuned on the blog for reviews of many of their awesome workouts. Their DVDs are available in US or UK versions

Lisa Nash & Frankie Essex

This DVD has three 20 minute routines and a separate warm up & cool down. You  can play all or choose a work out from the menu. Lisa & Frankie work out on a lovely outdoor balcony that overlooks the ocean and lots of plush greenery, and I have to mention that I LOVE the ladies outfits! You will only need dumbbells for the strength routine.

HiiT: (19 min) You will perform 10 exercises 45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest with with one min rest before repeating. Exercises include criss cross jacks, wood chop low to high, elevator planks, broad jumps, skater, mt climbers, pushups, soccer kicks, squats & plyo squats, scissor shuffle, and jab cross punches.

Cardio Box: (23 min) You will do 4 rounds of 4 exercises, each for 30 seconds. Exercises include jump rope variations, jabs, hooks, upper cuts, hooks, speed bag shuffle,scissor & punch, round house kicks, punch combos, punch & ducks, punk & bob, and slips.  

Sculpting & Toning: (22 min) You alternate 2 exercises with progressive reps (1 rep, 2 reps, all the way to 10 reps each). Exercises include squat, military press, jack legs & bi curls, dead lift, front raise, rear delt fly, tri kickback, weighted butterfly crunches, and rib cage pullover. 

These are solid intermediate routines that I really enjoyed. I love the cardio routines, I somehow lack solid cardio routines in my library so these will get a TON of use. Lots of fun & unique combos. I like the progressive reps in the strength routine - I def felt the burn! Love the outdoor scenery and the girls super cute outfits. I received this DVD to review. 

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