Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Shoot: Solar Energize & Inspire Yoga with Tara Lee REVIEW

Introducing New Shoot  - if you havent heard of them, keep reading! They produce awesome fitness DVDs. Their focus is to film authentic yoga, fitness & lifestyle content for worldwide distribution.  The aim of New Shoot Pictures is to continually create the very best health, fitness and lifestyle content featuring extremely talented artists and filmed with state of the art technology.  New Shoot produces, films, edits and distributes our own original productions as well as finished programmes of other labels that are a good fit for the catalogue. Keep reading below for a detailed review of a wonderful New Shoot DVD and stay tuned on the blog for reviews of many of their awesome workouts. Their DVDs are available in US or UK versions

Tara Lee, 2017

This DVD contains 4 routines and a bonus breathing routine. Tara works out alone outdoors, in front of a pool, with a beautiful view of greenery, an ocean view, and a countryside. These routines are done in voiceover and you wont need any equipment. You can mix & match to create your own workout. 

Body Practice: (25 min) standing breath work, down dog pedals, plank, chair pose, forward bend, low lunge hip stretch, warrior 1 flow, 3 legged dog & ankle rotation, up down, down dog hip opener, side plank, side angle pose, warrior pose to triangle, wide stance forward fold with chest opener, and concludes with childs pose. 

Inspire: (11 min) seated breathing adding twists, bridge raises, bridge hold with breath work, lying crescent, sun piercing breath in one nostril and out the other using your hand to guide the breath in and out of your nose. 

Meditation: (25 min) seated breathing, childs pose to table top, kneeling breathing, seated criss cross style forward fold adding side stretches, and seated in criss cross style breath work. 

Solar Energize: (16 min) childs pose, cobra, bow pose, prone breathing, V hold, shining skull breathing, seated forward fold, locking poses to seal in the energy, lying twist, and 4 min corpse pose. 

These routines are suitable for all fitness levels The body practice is good pace, flowing routine, while the others are slow paced relaxation style with a lot of breath work. The DVD provides a ton of options and a variety of styles, making it very versatile. Tara provides great form pointers throughout. I received this DVD to review. 

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