Thursday, February 23, 2017

My NEWLY Remodeled Home Gym!

I finally finished the majority of my "gym remodel." We got a new TV downstairs and had the 42" flat screen available so I swooped it up for my gym. Mounting it on the wall means I got rid of the entertainment center, which freed up a good amount of floor space. I also ordered a framed cork board with hooks on it, to put up more race collages and hang more race medals, but it hasnt arrived yet.

I ordered some more puzzle mats - I really wanted the rubber flooring but I wasnt sure how to cut them or install so I opted for more mats. Well come to find out, they are easy to cut & lay. Doh - my friend just did their room with them and said it was a piece of cake. Oh well. The puzzle mats work well when wall to wall. Which they arent quite wall to wall yet, I have more pieces I just need to cut them.

I had originally wanted to mirror a wall but decided against that. I wasnt sure how secure they would be on the 2nd floor, and with all my jumping around. PLUS with a window on one wall, the TV on one wall, and closet on one wall - the only available wall would have been behind me so really would have defeated the purpose. BUT I got new closet doors with mirrors which is across from my TV so I can keep track of my form. The closet door option worked out well.

DH hung shelves in my closet that I put a lot of my DVDs on, since I no longer have the entertainment center. I also took out all the "junk" from the closet & put in a lot of my exercise equipment (mini trampoline, bullet ball, Wave, Zip Trainer, TransFIRMer, yoga mat, various weighted bars, etc) in the closet for easy access but its off the floor. So the perimeter of the room is pretty open now, freeing up even more space!

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  1. It looks great and I like the floor. I have two trampolines I don't know what to do with. I need to get rid of more stuff that's not exercise related to make room. I have lots of kettlebells on the floor.

  2. Yes I had SO much junk in the closet that all my fitness stuff was around the perimeter of the room. When I finally cleared out the closet it freed up so much space in the room. It only took me like 6 years lol