Tuesday, May 16, 2017

REVIEW: Sun Series Vinyasa Yoga with Rosanna Shillolo

Sun Series Vinyasa Yoga 
Rosanna Shillolo, 2017

This DVD contains 3 yoga practices; a sunrise, a high noon, and a sunset routine. You will not need any equipment for these practices. Rosanna works out alone in gorgeous outdoor scenery in Ontario Canada at sunrise, midday, and sunset. The scenery includes a dock on a lake and grassy area in front of a lake.

Sunrise Sequence: (17 min) This is a floor routine including: breath work, seated forward fold, twists, side bends, rock the baby, chest opener, cat cow, down dog, knee side plank & thread the needle, table top knee pulls, and 3 legged dog.

High Noon Heat: (25 min) This is 2 shorter routines combined, botha re done standing. Poses exercises include: Mt pose, forward fold, warrior 1, chest opener, standing figure 4 pulses, warrior adding side bends, hamstring stretch with chest opener, stargazer pose, standing saw, goddess adding torso rotation & heel raises, warrior 2, extended side angle pose & triangle pose.

Sunset Sequence: (20 min) You begin in Mt pose and then move to the floor, where all remaining poses are done. Exercises include boat pose, supine toe drops, reverse crunch, rocking low back massage, puppy pose, cobra, 1/2 to full locust, yoga mudra, childs pose, bridge cobblers pose & concludes with 6 min corpse pose.

These routines are suitable for all fitness levels. I really enjoyed the outdoor scenery ~ great views make for an enjoyable & peaceful practice. The pace is moderate, not rushed but not slowRosanna is an enjoyable instructor with an awesome demeanor. I received this DVD to review.

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