Monday, June 26, 2017

REVIEW: KatNap Fitness Work It! 3 Fun Workouts on One DVD

KatNap Fitness: Work It!
Kat Napolitano, 2017

This DVD contains three 30 minute workouts and it is ONLY $9.95 (+ $3.50 shipping) -seriously amazing deal!!!! Kat leads these routines with 2-4 backgrounders in a spacious living room set. You will need dumbbells for the 2 cardio sculpt routines and no equipment for the cardio routine. Three intensity levels are shown throughout, so pick your level and make the workout your own. Each workout includes a built-in warm up and a cool down/ stretch.

Three Level Me: You alternate cardio & sculpt exercises in this routine. Exercises include dip & overhead raise, lunge & bi curl, jump rope, jacks, knee raises, kicks, squat & overhead press plyo squats, punches, mt. climbers, sumo squat & overhead tri drop, cross country ski, side lunges & upright row, upper back fly, criss cross jacks, fast feet, lateral squat & hop, pushups, burpees, weighted donkey kicks, & renegade row.

Kat Squad: This is a fun dance style cardio routine, you will learn a few moves and put them together for a few longer routines. Exercises include: grapevine, sidestep & clap, toe tap & hope, raise the roof, plyo hop, stamp, freestyle dancing, sweep step, tri-star, march it out, booty pop, spank  ride the pony, and step kick to touch down. 

Minute to Win It: Each cardio and strength exercises is one min each in this routine. Exercise include: knee strikes, lunge-dip-knee up-bi & front raise, weighted plyo jumps, hop & pec fly, squat hold, stationary lunges, repeater knee, walk out to plank jacks & up to jumping jacks, triple step, squat pulses, pike pushups, jacks & side lunges, weighted crunch series, and supine leg drops. 

The 2 cardio sculpt routines are high intermediates and the cardio is intermediate in terms of choreo and intensity. Kat provides great cuing & instruction and makes the workouts fun! I really enjoyed these routines & loved Kat's instruction style & energy. I look forward to more from Kat! The pace allows for lighter-medium weights (I used 8 pound dumbbells). Lots of great combo moves & you get cardio & toning -very efficient in only 30 minutes. Love the amazing value: three full workouts for less than $10! I received this DVD to review. 

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